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All Bridgestone summer and 4 seasons tire models

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Bridgestone Summer Tires

Discover on PMCtire.com our range of Bridgestone summer and all-season tires for demanding drivers: optimal performance and safety. Enjoy unparalleled grip and driving precision thanks to the innovative technologies of these tires for dry and wet surfaces.

Whether you have a compact car, electric vehicle, sedan, SUV, sports car, or pickup truck, find the Bridgestone tire solution that suits your needs on PMCtire.com. Make sure to choose the ideal Bridgestone tires for your vehicle and enjoy an exceptional driving experience.

Discover below the details of each tire model:

Potenza Tires

UNLEASH YOUR POTENTIAL - Optimized to provide sport and high-performance vehicles with unmatched handling and superior responsiveness

Potenza RE980AS : Who said high-performance driving was reserved for summer? Potenza RE980AS tires are designed to provide optimal performance in all seasons. They guarantee exceptional braking power in winter, as well as excellent grip and handling on wet and dry roads. You can thus enjoy a safe and pleasant driving experience all year round.

Potenza RE050A :  Give your vehicle an elegant and sporty look with Potenza RE050A tires. Specially developed for high-performance sports cars, coupes, and sedans, these tires provide remarkable road holding and impressive turning performance on both dry and wet surfaces.

Potenza S007A RFT : Increase the power and performance of your sports car with Potenza S007A RFT tires. Thanks to a high tire-to-road contact pressure, these run-flat tires improve braking on wet roads and provide an exciting driving experience. The specially designed tread ensures increased stability and control in turns, as well as excellent responsiveness for the ultimate driving experience.

Potenza Sport : Potenza Sport high-performance summer tires are designed to give drivers total control of their vehicle. Whether driving on wet roads or taking high-speed turns, these tires provide an exhilarating and secure driving experience. Trust the Potenza Sport range for optimal performance and exceptional road holding in all circumstances.

Potenza RE-71R : Experience the joy of driving with race-inspired tire technology thanks to Potenza RE-71R tires. Designed to provide optimal grip during breaking and turning, these tires are ideal for attacking the road or track. Enjoy an unparalleled driving experience with Potenza RE-71R tires, which combine performance and safety to guarantee unforgettable journeys.

Potenza RE-71RS : Express your competitive spirit with pole position speed thanks to Bridgestone Potenza RE-71RS tires. These high-performance tires provide exceptional road holding in turns and stunning lap times, allowing you to shine on every track outing. In addition, the improved wear resistance of Bridgestone Potenza RE-71RS tires ensures you can enjoy many thrilling weekends with the same set of tires. Choose performance and durability with Bridgestone Potenza RE-71RS tires.

Ecopia Tires

MAINTAIN YOUR MOMENTUM - Tires designed with low rolling resistance to promote reduced fuel consumption, while maintaining optimal performance when driving

Ecopia EP422 Plus : Specifically designed for some of today's most popular sedans and minivans, the Ecopia EP422 Plus tire ensures you a serene and secure ride. These high-performance all-season tires are distinguished by their durability and offer an impressive limited warranty of 110,000 kilometers on treadwear. Moreover, they allow you to travel more kilometers with a single tank thanks to their Fuel Saver Sidewall technology and tread compound, contributing to improved rolling efficiency and fuel economy.

Ecopia H/L 422 Plus : The Ecopia HL 422 Plus was specifically developed to offer reliable, safe, and comfortable performance to owners of SUVs, CUVs, and minivans. With a limited treadwear warranty of 110,000 kilometers, this tire will accompany you on all your travels and allow you to enjoy unparalleled driving comfort. Trust the Ecopia H/L 422 Plus to take you where you need to go with ease and peace of mind.

DriveGuard Tires

CONTINUE YOUR JOURNEY AFTER A PUNCTURE - Designed to offer puncture resistance, these tires allow you to continue your journey for up to 80 kilometers at speeds of up to 80 km/h in the event of a puncture.

DriveGuard PLUS : Experience exceptional touring tire comfort combined with all-season reliability with the DriveGuard Plus. This innovative tire offers improved performance and increased mobility to safely take you to all your destinations. With the ability to drive up to 50 miles at speeds up to 50 mph after a puncture, the DriveGuard Plus stands out for its durability and strength. Developed with zero-degree clearance angles, this tire offers superior grip to help you excel in all weather conditions, stopping 40 feet (12.2 meters) shorter on snow than the original DriveGuard. Travel up to 50 miles at speeds up to 50 mph with confidence.

DriveGuard  : Bridgestone DriveGuard tire impresses with its ingenious design, allowing you to travel up to 50 miles at a maximum speed of 50 mph after a puncture. In addition to its remarkable durability, this tire also offers comfortable and reliable performance on wet and dry surfaces. Designed to provide optimal safety and a pleasant driving experience, the Bridgestone DriveGuard tire is an ideal choice for demanding drivers looking for a versatile and high-performance tire.

Dueler Tires

FOR ANY ROAD YOU CHOOSE - All-season truck and SUV tires are specially designed to meet the challenges of the toughest terrains while offering increased tread life. These versatile tires are ideal for tackling weather conditions and varied surfaces with confidence and performance.

Dueler H/T 684 II : Discover the peace of mind offered by the 100,000 km limited tread wear warranty of Dueler H/T 684 II tires. Ideal for comfortable adventures, these high-performance all-season tires offer impressive grip on wet and dry surfaces, ensuring a safe and enjoyable driving experience.

Dueler H/L Alenza : Equip yourself to face the challenges of the terrain with Dueler H/L Alenza tires. Specially designed to provide your truck, SUV or utility vehicle with a comfortable and secure ride on wet and dry surfaces, these tires are equipped with advanced technologies for increased tread life, ensuring long-lasting and reliable performance.

Dueler H/L Alenza Plus : Enjoy optimal performance all year round with Dueler H/L Alenza Plus tires. These tires offer a quiet and comfortable ride on the highway, with a limited warranty of up to 130,000 km. The advanced tread polymer technology provides impressive wear resistance, backed by a limited warranty of 130,000 km. With a fuel-efficient tread compound that promotes rolling efficiency, Dueler H/L Alenza Plus tires are designed to last and take you on long journeys.

Dueler A/T REVO 3 : Face the most extreme weather conditions, both on and off-road, with Dueler A/T REVO 3 tires. Incorporating our advanced Traction Claw technology, these tires improve driving performance on wet and snowy surfaces, while offering an extended limited warranty of up to 100,000 km for increased peace of mind.

Dueler H/T 685 : Give your truck rugged and durable performance with Dueler H/T 685 tires, featuring innovative technologies designed to ensure reliable traction on both wet and dry surfaces. These tires guarantee you a safe and controlled driving experience over the years, allowing you to make the most of your vehicle.

Dueler H/P Sport AS : Offer a remarkable transformation to your sports truck or SUV with Dueler H/P Sport AS high-performance tires. These innovative tires are specially designed to provide you with the confidence to excel on both wet and dry roads, while ensuring easy handling of changing weather conditions. Enjoy an unparalleled driving experience by equipping your vehicle with these superior quality tires.

Dueler H/P Sport : Significantly improve the performance of your sports truck or SUV by choosing Dueler H/P Sport tires. Designed to rigorous high-performance standards, these tires allow you to drive with peace of mind and confidence, even in wet and dry conditions. Choose optimal performance and safety by equipping your vehicle with these exceptional tires, designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Alenza Tires

A NEW STANDARD IN LUXURY - Exceptionally long tread life, combined with improved wet performance, for the ultimate luxury driving experience.

Alenza AS ULTRA : Discover the pinnacle of performance with the latest Bridgestone Alenza AS Ultra, designed for high-end vehicles. This versatile tire offers a perfect balance of wet performance, winter capability, wear resistance, and unparalleled comfort, a characteristic of the Alenza range. With its improved braking performance, the Alenza AS Ultra allows stops up to 14 feet shorter on dry roads and reduces braking time by 10% on snowy surfaces. Thanks to QuietTrack technology, this tire guarantees a quiet and enjoyable driving experience on all types of roads. The Alenza AS Ultra combines exceptional tread life with a luxurious driving experience, making it the best choice for Bridgestone's SUVs, CUVs, and trucks to date. A safe investment to optimize the performance and comfort of your vehicle.

Pneus Turanza

DRIVE IN COMPLETE COMFORT - Experience a peaceful and enjoyable driving experience thanks to tires designed to effectively absorb road noise, ensuring a smooth and quiet ride.

Turanza QuietTrack :  Embark on a quiet and comfortable driving experience with the premium touring tires Turanza QuietTrack. These remarkable all-season tires guarantee excellent road control in wet and snowy conditions, while being designed to offer exceptional durability of up to 130,000 kilometers. Suitable for a wide range of popular cars and sedans on the current market, Turanza QuietTrack tires have been developed to surprise and exceed your expectations in terms of performance and comfort.