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Pneus d'hiver Pirelli

We are proud to offer at PMCtire.com a wide selection of Pirelli tires for all types of vehicles. Pirelli winter tires are specially designed to provide excellent grip on all surfaces, better handling, and optimal safety in winter conditions.

No matter what type of vehicle you drive - compact, electric, sedan, SUV, sports car, or pickup truck - Pirelli offers a tire solution that suits your needs. You can be sure to find the Pirelli tires that fit your vehicle on PMCtire.com.

Discover the exceptional qualities of our most popular winter tires:


High Performance Enters the Winter Season

P ZERO WINTER : With the P Zero Winter model, Pirelli has redefined winter driving. This high-performance tire provides exceptional grip on snow-covered and icy roads, while preserving the driving performance characteristic of the P Zero family. Thanks to its special lamellas, the P Zero Winter ensures maximum safety and driving precision in all conditions.


Maximum safety, control, and performance.

WINTER SOTTOZERO 3 : This tire model has been specifically designed to be used during the winter season, with exceptional performance in terms of grip on snowy or icy surfaces. In addition, it offers excellent handling even on dry or wet surfaces. This tire is perfectly adapted to face the most difficult winter conditions while offering a safe and stable driving experience in all circumstances.

WINTER SOTTOZERO SERIE II (210, 240 and 270) : These tire models will provide you with an exceptional winter driving experience due to their exclusive tread pattern and sophisticated tread design. These tires allow for optimal grip on snow and better traction on icy roads. You can drive with confidence, even when the weather conditions are at their worst. With these tires, you will discover an unforgettable winter driving experience.


Durable and Comfortable Tires.

CINTURATO WINTER 2 : The Cinturato Winter 2 model is designed for the toughest winter conditions. With its innovative lamella technology, it provides optimal grip on snow and ice for total safety on all winter roads. With their eco-friendly construction and low rolling resistance, Cinturato tires contribute to better fuel economy while providing optimal grip on dry and wet roads.


Innovative and Technological Tires for SUVs and Crossovers.

SCORPION ICE ZERO 2 : The Scorpion Ice Zero 2 represents the optimal choice for drivers looking for ultimate performance on slippery snow and ice surfaces. Thanks to its innovative lamella technology, it ensures exceptional grip on ice, even in extremely difficult winter conditions. Whether you're driving on snowy or icy roads, this high-end winter tire guarantees increased stability and precise response for safe driving.

SCORPION ICE & SNOW :  The Scorpion Ice & Snow, on the other hand, offers unmatched reliability and smooth driving on snow for an exceptional winter driving experience.

SCORPION WINTER 2 : The Pirelli SCORPION WINTER 2 tire is designed for safe and comfortable winter driving. Its special rubber composition and unique tread pattern ensure better traction and stability on snow and ice. It also offers a quiet and comfortable ride thanks to its noise-reducing technology, as well as superior durability and resistance thanks to its reinforced structure and sidewall protection technology.


Designed for extreme winter conditions.

ICE ZERO ASIMMETRICO : The ICE ZERO ASIMMETRICO model provides high performance on ice, as well as maximum comfort in all winter conditions. With its asymmetrical tread pattern and specially designed snow grooves, this tire will allow you to drive safely and confidently, even on the slipperiest roads.

ICE ZERO FR : Finally, the ICE ZERO FR model is designed to tackle the most extreme winter conditions, with exceptional performance on icy roads. With its special tread pattern and 3D sipes, this tire will allow you to drive confidently, even in the toughest conditions.