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Pirelli / Winter Ice Zero Studded

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Winter Ice Zero Studded


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About Pirelli Winter Ice Zero Studded

The Pirelli Winter Ice Zero Studded is a performance studded winter tire for automobiles.

Performance and safety in extreme conditions

The Pirelli Winter IceZero Studded tire represents the new generation of studded tires developed to increase performance on ice in extreme winter conditions while guaranteeing safety, control, and performance.

A tire with bite thanks to a revolutionary studded design

What makes Pirelli's Winter ice Zero unique is its double claw nail design. This particular design allows the studs to penetrate the ice better and help the tire grip more firmly for optimal performance in icy conditions.

In addition, the flat wall of the stud increases the resistance of the shank to impact and thus contributes to improving the consistency and uniformity of the Winter Ice zero Studded's performance on the ice.

Finally, a wider shank base allows for increased nail retention for better grip, traction, and braking.

Optimal performance in all conditions and temperatures

With up to 20% higher siping density that traps more snow in the tread, the Pirelli Winter Ice Zero studded tire provides enhanced performance in snowy conditions.

The Pirelli Winter Icezero tire also features a multi-segment tread compound that provides maximum and sustained performance in a wider range of weather and road conditions and temperature ranges.