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Most popular questions


Will shipping be free? If not, what is the cost?

We offer free shipping on orders of four (4) or more tires or wheels to most major cities across Canada. However, please be aware that some postal codes are designated as rural by FedEx, and in these specific cases, delivery charges may apply.

To determine whether your delivery address qualifies for free shipping or if additional charges are necessary, please add items to your cart. Then, in your cart, enter the province and postal code for your delivery location and click on "calculate". We will then provide you with detailed information regarding the shipping charges for your order.

Can you ship my order to a location other than my billing address?

Your order can be shipped to a location other than the one listed as your billing address. You can have your tires delivered to your work or your favorite garage. To do so, indicate the desired delivery address when you place your order.

Note that someone is required to be present to receive the delivery. Please note that, for security reasons, delivery people do not cross barriers or fences.

If you are not present during delivery, the carrier will try again the next day. After 3 attempts, if you have not contacted them to arrange a deal or an appointment, the products will be returned to the warehouse. In this case, you will have to go there to collect them. FedEx or Nationex will hold packages for 10 business days before returning them to sender. If packages are returned to sender, you will be charged shipping costs to have the order returned to you or canceled.

Why is my delivery late?

For delivery, we deal with the shipping companies FedEx & Nationex. You will receive the tracking number when FedEx or Nationex retrieves and scans the barcode. However, once this email is sent to you, it means that your order is in their hands. If there is a problem, a delay, a truck breakdown or an anomaly during the delivery, it is unfortunate, but we are powerless against this situation.

The contact persons to call in these circumstances are the delivery companies directly. In our information email, we indicate your tracking number and a telephone number to reach the customer service department of the delivery company. It is through this channel that you will obtain information about your order.

Why didn't I receive a tracking number after placing my order?

Normally, you do not receive your tracking number for delivery immediately after placing your order.

You will receive three emails:

  1. A confirmation of your order;
  2. An invoice once we have confirmed availability and compatibility;
  3. Tracking information once FedEx or Nationex has scanned your order.

Why did I only receive part of my order?

Because we source from various suppliers, some items in your order may be ready for delivery before others. Therefore, you may receive items separately.

What if I can't find my vehicle in your selection tool? If you do not see your vehicle in our search tool, don't hesitate to contact our customer service department.

We will tell you if you can use the information from a previous version of your vehicle or a similar model to do your shopping while guaranteeing the compatibility of the options displayed. If not, we will use the information provided by the manufacturer to answer you and advise you personally.

Do you stock all the products listed on your site?

Due to the scope of our product offering, we can't stock all of our products in one location. That's why we work with distributors who have warehouses across Canada and the United States.

Since there are essential variations in our suppliers' inventories, especially during peak periods, some products may be out of stock or become special orders (with special delays and shipping costs), even if they are posted on our site as being available at a specific price. If a product is unavailable, we will advise the customer and assist in selecting a similar product.

Our goal is to offer you the widest variety of tires and wheels. We are the link between the manufacturers and you; we try to keep our website up to date, both for products and prices. But some discrepancies or differences are possible.

Can I cancel my order?

Depending on the order's status, it may be possible to cancel it. Your order will be cancelled at no charge until you receive your invoice (completed transaction); otherwise, a flat fee of $25 per product plus applicable taxes will be charged (i.e. $25 plus taxes per tire or wheel returned).

Under certain conditions, we will also take back products within 30 days of receipt.

Pricing, Payment and Billing

Can you match competitors' prices?

Yes, we will match the price offered by a Canadian competitor, under certain conditions:

  • The offer must be valid (not a pricing error), verifiable and offered online in Canada.

  • The price must be above cost.

  • The competitor must have the desired items in stock (we will verify this information).

The procedure is as follows:

  • On the competitor's website, add the desired products to your cart.

  • Please go through all the steps to create an order to obtain the total price, including all the costs related to the purchase (shipping, taxes, etc.).

  • Take a screenshot or a picture of the total price.

  • Send this photo to satisfaction@pmctire.com.

  • One of our experts will determine if it is possible for us to match this price* and will contact you with instructions on proceeding with the purchase.

This is not a moral commitment, and PMCtire reserves the right to decline any price equalization request.

Why was my credit card charged before my order was shipped?

The amount is not charged to your credit card when the order is placed, but rather it is a pre-authorization to ensure that funds are available. This allows us to make changes to your order, if required and with your authorization, without having to issue a refund or reenter your credit card information.

The invoice amount will be charged to your credit card only after your order has been processed, and you will then receive an email with an invoice informing you of this.

Between these two steps (placing the order and processing it), we proceed to various verifications concerning the products, their availability and their compatibility with your vehicle. You may have received an order confirmation email and pre-authorization on your card, or you may receive an email, call or text from us (if an item is not in stock or is incompatible with your vehicle, for example). In this case, if you wish, we will cancel the order and the pre-authorization, or, if you prefer, we will modify the order with the updated items and issue a new invoice.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept most credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) and Visa Debit and Mastercard Debit. We also accept Apple Pay and Google Pay. Interac Paypal and Paybright

What is a payment by Sezzle?

Sezzle is a payment solution that allows you to buy now and pay later via a simple, interest-free installment plan.

When you buy with Sezzle, PMCtire processes and ships your order as if you paid the total price, even if you only paid part of the amount.

How will my monthly payments work?

Your pre-authorized monthly payments are set up with Sezzle through your debit or credit card.

Over how many months can I finance the purchase of my tires, wheels and parts?

The number of months varies depending on the value of the tires and wheels chosen.

Who can apply for financing with Sezzle and how?

Sezzle payment programs are available to Canadian residents who have reached the age of majority, either 18 or 19, depending on their province. Other requirements include:

  • A Visa/Mastercard credit/debit card. Your debit card must have the Visa or Mastercard logo. Prepaid cards are not accepted.

  • A Canadian phone number allows you to send and receive text messages.

  • Reach the minimum purchase amount required to use Sezzle as a payment option.

Sezzle does not charge to activate an account for the first time.

Sezzle identifies User accounts via the associated cell phone number. They use a 2 factors authentication to secure your account. The first factor is a personal identification number (PIN). This number is created by you and can be changed at any time in your profile. The second factor they use is a one-time password (MPUU) that they will text to your cell phone number. The MPU proves that you own your cell phone number and the device you use to access Sezzle Services. Sezzle uses device identification techniques and algorithms to eliminate the need for MPUs when we recognize a previously identified and approved device.

Can I use Sezzle to pay only a part of my purchase?

No, Sezzle financing is applied to the total amount of your order.

PayPal payments

It is possible to pay for your order by Paypal. To proceed with the payment, we will need some information:

  • your email address linked to your PayPal account;

  • the link of the product(s) you wish to purchase;

  • your vehicle information (make, model, version, year and original tire size);

  • the complete shipping address, with a phone number where we can reach you at any time.

Mail-in rebates

Are there any tire manufacturers currently offering mail-in rebates?

We display an icon on products that qualify for a mail-in rebate so you can quickly identify them. Some manufacturers exclude online purchases from their mail-in rebate offer. These manufacturers are not listed as offering mail-in rebates on our website.

How do I claim the mail-in rebate?

First, you must fill out a form (paper or online) with your personal information (name, mailing address, etc.), information about your tire purchase and attach a copy of the original purchase invoice. When you are asked for the retailer's name, it is essential to write PMCtire inc. (not pmctire.com). If you are filling out an online form, you will need to upload your purchase invoice in PDF format into the form.

Please take the time to fill out all the fields as an error in the information requested could disqualify your request for a mail-in rebate. It is usually marketing firms hired by the manufacturers that process the requests. Note that it is solely the responsibility of the tire manufacturer and their marketing firm to decide whether or not the mail-in rebate application form is approved. PMCtire is in no way responsible for obtaining mail-in rebates.

For efficiency, we recommend that you proceed electronically. This way, the manufacturer can contact you quickly if any information is missing. Most manufacturers that offer an online mail-in rebate form provide a tracking tool.

Please note that some manufacturers do not consider online purchases eligible for their promotions, so the icon does not identify their products.

How soon will I receive my rebate?

Depending on the time of year, you should allow 6 to 12 weeks for your rebate to be processed.

Will the rebate be in cash?

Some manufacturers offer prepaid credit cards that can be redeemed at any store, while others send you a check.

In either case, you will never receive your rebate in the form of a refund applicable to purchasing other tires or in cash.

How do I know if my claim has been processed?

Generally, manufacturers that allow you to fill out a mail-in rebate application online offer a tool to track the status of the application. Like the mail-in rebate application, this tracking tool is located directly on the tire manufacturer's website.

Why do I have to wait for the 2nd email from PMCtire to file my mail-in rebate claim with the manufacturer?

Manufacturers require a copy of your original invoice as proof of purchase. Screenshots of an online order and order confirmations are not accepted.

Since you will not receive your invoice until your order has been fully processed, it will be attached to the second email sent to you, the first being a confirmation that your order has been received and processed.


How do I know that the tires I choose will fit my vehicle?

We guarantee that the tires you purchase on our website will be compatible with your vehicle!

However, it is important to select your vehicle by searching, even if you know the tire size. If your car is used, the tires installed may not be the original diameter or width without your knowledge. When searching by a vehicle on our site, the original specifications for your car are listed. The tire size must also match the wheel size.

Will the tires be mounted on the wheels and balanced before shipping?

Yes, if you select this option, we will do the mounting and balancing in our warehouse. We will then ship you a set ready for installation on your vehicle. In the case of large tires, some tires may be balanced with balls inside the tires and not with weights.

What is the procedure if one of my tires is defective?

First of all, it depends on whether a warranty covers the tire since not all manufacturers offer such protection on their products.

If, for some reason, you believe that a tire is defective, here is how we will proceed:

  • First, we will need your help: we cannot see, feel or touch the tires, but we will need to send the manufacturer that their product is defective. Clear pictures, good descriptions, proof of rotation, installation date, and proof of mileage on the tires. It is best to be prepared so that the manufacturer accepts your case.

  • Once we receive this information, we will create a case. There is a 95% chance that we will resolve the problem before we start the process with the manufacturer.

  • If, after this analysis, you believe it is a manufacturing defect and not road damage, we will repatriate the tire(s) at our expense to get you a refund.

We will create a new order if you need additional tires, invoice you separately, and ship it to you.

We will have it analyzed and sent to the manufacturer when we receive your tire. At this point, there are only two options:

  1. The tire is defective. We have received confirmation from the manufacturer and will issue you a refund for the amount paid for the additional tire(s) (your second order).

  2. The tire does not qualify as defective; the damage was caused by something else. Unfortunately, we will not issue a refund, you will be charged for the shipping costs, and the second order will not be credited.

Is it possible to return tires?

Depending on certain factors, yes, it is possible to return them. The tires must not have been mounted on wheels, must not have been driven on, must not have been studded and must be returned within 1 month of receipt.

Fees and other conditions may apply. See our Cancellation & Return section for full details on our policies.

How do I buy a staggered set?

Basically, this means that the wheels at the rear of the vehicle are different from the wheels at the front. Our database will give you some choices if your vehicle has different-sized original tires. Answer the questions to make sure your vehicle matches the original size.

If you have any questions, you can e-mail us, use Chat or call us at 1-888-640-7638.

Are my tires suitable for winter driving in Quebec?

In 2007, Quebec adopted a regulation requiring winter tires from December 15 to March 15. Since 2014, only tires bearing the "mountain and snowflake" pictogram, which Transport Canada and tire manufacturers recognize, attest that the winter tire meets or exceeds the snow traction requirements. The tires are identified as winter tires OR "WINTER APPROVED" 4 season tires.

The law was updated in 2019 and requires all motor vehicles to be equipped with winter tires by December 1st.


Are all materials required to install the wheels included?

If there are any materials needed to install the wheels on your vehicle, nuts, a centering ring or a wrench, they will be shipped in a small box. There will be a charge for the nuts and bolts. So when you receive your new wheel kit, you'll have everything you need to install it! That's why we strongly suggest that you search by vehicle to ensure that the right material required for installation will be shipped.

What if my wheels are not compatible with my car?

It is important to note that under our Cancellation & Return policy, once a tire is mounted on a wheel, it cannot be returned or refunded (mounting can damage the wheel). Depending on the circumstances and why the wheel does not fit, there will be different procedures to undertake as various scenarios may apply.

First of all, please note that each order is systematically checked by one of our experts as soon as the order is registered in our system. This step aims to verify the inventory for the items ordered and ensure the compatibility between the items chosen and the vehicle entered. Our website is built to facilitate your purchasing process: if you search by vehicle, you will see the available options, and you can trust them. Of course, since nothing is perfect (but we strive for it!), our databases may have flaws.

Scenario 1

If, after placing an order online, you receive a call, email or text from us advising you that the wheel you have chosen is not recommended for your vehicle (even though our site says it is), there are three options:

  • We will send you suggestions of available and compatible wheels (based on information provided directly by the manufacturers), and we will modify your order.

If you decide to keep the wheel (because you like it and are convinced it will fit), the order becomes a firm sale and cannot be refunded if the wheel does not fit.

  • We can do a compatibility test. This option is risk-sharing. We will send you a single wheel, alone, without a tire mounted on it. When you receive it, you will remove one of the wheels already installed on your vehicle (ideally one from the front) and put the new wheel in place and spin it. This will show you if the brakes are clear if the wheel is rubbing on the suspension, fenders, etc. If everything looks good, we will send you the other three wheels (if you had tires in the order, we would send you the other three wheels mounted and balanced. As for the fourth wheel, the one you have in your possession, you can either return it to us to have your tires mounted and balanced or have it balanced in a garage near you. If, on the other hand, the wheel does not fit on the vehicle, you will have to return the wheel to us, and the transportation will be at your expense. The price may vary, depending on the province and the item's weight, but it is generally not very expensive.

Scenario 2

You place an order for wheels, and you don't hear from us, everything goes well with the order. It is still important to verify that the wheel fits on the vehicle before mounting a tire, as we mention on the stickers affixed to the delivery boxes.

If you receive your wheels with the tires mounted and balanced by us. Still, the wheels do not fit after all, as you have not been advised of any risk of incompatibility. There was probably an error in our database or the supplier's database, and we will take back the tires and wheels and find you a wheel that will be compatible with your vehicle, all at our expense.

Are there any guarantees on the wheels' finish or their quality?

It depends on the brand of the wheel and the model you choose. We do not manufacture the wheels. So it's not our policy, it's the manufacturer's policy, and not all manufacturers offer the same guarantees.

First of all, check your wheels by unpacking them as soon as you receive them. If you notice a defect or breakage on one of them, it will be easy to prove that it is not due to a road accident.

If you think that one or more of your wheels are defective, here is how we will proceed:

First, we'll need your help: we can't see, feel, or touch the wheels, but we'll need to send evidence to the manufacturer showing them that there is something wrong. Clear pictures, good descriptions, installation date, and proof of mileage on the wheels. It is best to be prepared so that the manufacturer accepts your case.

We will create a file and analyze the information received when we receive this information. We will share our experience with you.

If, after this analysis, you believe that it is indeed a manufacturing defect and not road damage, we will take back the wheel(s) at our expense to obtain a refund.

We will create a new order if you need more wheels, charge you separately, and ship it to you.

We will have it analyzed and sent to the manufacturer when we receive your wheel here. At this point, there are only two options:

  1. The wheel is indeed defective. Once we receive confirmation from the manufacturer, we will issue a refund for the amount paid for the additional tire(s) (your second order).

  2. The wheel is not found to be defective. Unfortunately, if the damage was caused by something else, we will not issue a refund, you will be charged for the shipping costs, and the second-order will not be credited.

Are our TPMS the original ones?

At PMCtire, we use MAX Sensor Select universal TPMS. When purchasing wheels with TPMS (with or without tires), we ensure that the sensors are programmed for your vehicle before shipping them. All that remains is to synchronize the sensors with the vehicle.


PMCtire uses TPMS using Bluetooth technology directly from the manufacturer Tesla. It's as if they came from the factory!

TPMS Programming

Here, at PMCtire, we use aftermarket TPMS sensors which are programmed for each vehicle by our technicians with the vehicle’s information provided in the customer’s order.  tpms.webp

Service professionals often confuse “programming the sensor” with “relearning the vehicle.” These are two different actions and the vehicle must still go through the relearning procedure after the new sensors are programmed.

The purpose of programming a sensor is to tell the sensor which vehicle it is being used for and the purpose of the relearn is to share the new TPMS sensor IDs to the vehicle. This allows the sensors to communicate with the vehicle and alert the driver if any tires have low air pressure or if there is a malfunction with the TPMS system.  tpms-machine.webp

A TPMS relearn is always required when new TPMS sensors are installed. Without that step, the sensors don’t communicate with the vehicle's onboard computer, and the system simply can’t work. That’s why you get the warning light of the cutaway tire with an exclamation point in the dashboard.  warning.webp

For more information about the different Relearning procedures, Click here