Tire road hazard protection

Protecting your investment is brilliant!

With PMCtire, you are well protected!

FREE - For a limited time only, get Road Hazard Protection at no charge on all eligible tires!*

Your tires can be damaged by potholes, glass, rocks, nails or other road debris. We'll give you peace of mind free of charge for 12 months from the date of your tire purchase or for wear equal to the first 2⁄32nd of the tread depth, whichever comes first. For any tire 19 inches and under that has damage that a specialist cannot repair (e.g., split, blowout, torn tread, etc.), we will give you credit for the price paid at the time of purchase minus the percentage of tire wear**.

We will reimburse the repair costs up to $25 per occurrence for any damage that a mechanic can repair.

You will only be charged $25 + taxes for the return transport of the tire. You will be able to recover the value of your tire at the time of the breakage to replace it. Our road hazard protection covers this damage no matter where you go.

*This protection is not valid on tires 20 inches and over, run-flat tires, commercial tires marked C and light truck tires marked LT.

**The percentage of tire wear is evaluated by one of our warehouse professionals. Once this evaluation is complete, we will contact you by email to let you know the value of your credit that can be used to replace your tire. Compared to the original value, no tire with more than 4⁄32nd tread wear, compared to the original value, will be accepted, and the maximum replacement tire value is $300 before taxes.

How do you include the protection in your purchase?

Select the Road Hazard Protection option under the tire selling price in each model's detail sheet. It is essential to keep your invoice in case of a claim.


You are covered on all p-metric passenger and light truck tires, which means all tires with a size code starting with the letter P and a diameter of 19" or less. Commercial tires and tires with a size code beginning with LT or ending with a C are not covered by our protection, nor are run-flat tires.

Conditions and Exclusions

No claim will be accepted without the original purchase invoice. This policy covers tire replacement only. The credit related to the road hazard warranty is applicable only on a replacement purchase at PMCtire, for tires covered by the warranty. No refunds will be given for replacement tires purchased at any other retailer.

Installation, balancing and taxes are the responsibility of the buyer. The warranty does not apply under the following conditions: vandalism, improper inflation, misuse, negligence, overloading, poor mechanical condition of the vehicle, etc.

Coverage does not apply when a tire with more than 10% wear is unusable due to a mechanical defect in the vehicle. Examples include misalignment or imbalance resulting in irregular or rapid tire wear.

Finally, road hazard protection is only valid for purchasing four or more tires.

Return of Damaged Tires with Protective Coverage

To return damaged tires covered by the protection, contact us with your order number, name, tire code, and description of the damage your tire has sustained. We will return the authorization number, the Return Merchandise Authorization and complete instructions for returning the damaged tire. No tire returns will be allowed without an authorization number.