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Nexen / Roadian ATX

Discover all available Nexen Roadian ATX tires

Roadian ATX

Four seasons
All weather

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About Nexen Roadian ATX

Discover the Roadian ATX from Nexen, a revolutionary all-terrain tire designed to deliver unmatched performance on all types of surfaces. Whether on dry or wet, muddy or slippery roads, the Roadian ATX promises confident driving thanks to its cutting-edge technologies.

  • Reinforced 3-Ply Construction: Increased durability and robustness, ideal for heavy loads and high pressures.
  • Emerging 3D Sipe Technology: Exceptional grip on snow, mud, and wet conditions.
  • 3PMSF Certification: Guaranteed performance in severe winter conditions, including heavy snow and ice.

Reinforced 3-Ply Construction

The Roadian ATX incorporates a reinforced 3-ply construction in most of its LT sizes, offering superior longevity and resistance under heavy loads and high pressures. This structure not only enhances the tire's durability but also the vehicle's stability during tight turns or heavy towing.

Emerging 3D Sipe Technology

Thanks to its emerging 3D sipe technology, the Roadian ATX maximizes road contact, ensuring improved traction in various conditions such as snow, mud, and wet surfaces. This innovative feature ensures safe and controlled driving, no matter the terrain challenges.

3PMSF Certification

Certified 3PMSF (Three-Peak Mountain Snow Flake), the Roadian ATX meets the strictest standards for winter driving. It is designed to face extreme conditions such as heavy snowfalls, ice, and other challenging terrains, allowing you to travel safely and confidently.

Warranty and Assistance

The Roadian ATX comes with an exceptional tread wear warranty, covering up to 105,000 km for P-metric models and 95,000 km for LT-metric models. Additionally, a limited road hazard warranty covers the first 3/32" or 2 years. Finally, enjoy roadside assistance for 36 months, ensuring complete peace of mind.