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Why do we need a centering ring?

As the name suggests, the centering ring is positioned in the center of the rim so that it can be installed and centered correctly on the axle.

The centering rings ensure a precise connection between the wheel and the vehicle.

What happens if we don't use a centering ring?

If the wheel hub is larger than the vehicle axle, plastic centering rings are used to bridge the difference in diameter in the opening. Even if the difference is only 7 to 15 mm, not using a centering ring would directly impact the driving experience (for all vehicles other than trucks and SUVs*).

Strong vibrations could occur in the vehicle and on the steering wheel without a centering rings.

Special cases of trucks and SUVs

Most trucks and SUVs have 6 or 8 studs, so it is easier to install the wheels and center them perfectly on the vehicle's hub. So, even if there is no centering ring in the installation kit, there should be no problem with vibration, unlike sedans or coupes.