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Maintenance & storage


Do you know how to maintain and store your tires?

Adequate maintenance, installation and storage are essential to minimize the risk of premature tire and wheel wear. Here are some tips to help you maximize the life of your tires and wheels.


Keeping your tires and wheels well maintained is essential to reduce irregular wear and ensure safe driving. The most important things to check are tire pressure and signs of wear, which you can detect by a simple visual inspection. To maximize the performance of your new tires, it is necessary to give them an adaptation period with a break-in. In addition, every 10,000 km, you should rotate your tires.

As for the wheels, the maintenance is simply a good alignment for stable driving.


Storage of tires and wheels is also an essential aspect of maintaining their life span and can have adverse effects if not done correctly. We offer two appropriate ways to store your tires, whether they are mounted on wheels or not. Please note that improper storage will result in premature wear of your tires.

See the storage section for complete tips

Before storing your tires

Before removing your tires, note their position on the vehicle. This will allow you to rotate them the next time you install them to ensure even wear.

  • Clean your wheels and tires with water and wipe them down thoroughly to prevent corrosion.

  • Inspect each tire for damage and uneven wear.

  • Remove any stones or debris stuck in the tire treads.