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What is the best way to store tires?

Storing your tires and wheels: rules to respect!

Did you know that the way you store your tires is an essential criterion to consider to preserve their quality and prevent damage? Improper storage can shorten the life of your tires, damage them and eventually render them unusable. It is therefore essential to follow a few basic rules.

Here are some tips:

A good cleaning is essential

Clean your tires and wheels thoroughly before storing them. Oil and grease (sludge), mud, salt and other dirt can damage them.

Choose an appropriate location

Be sure to store your tires in a cool, dry place away from heat, humidity and sunlight. The sun's brightness and warmth can alter the properties of tires, so never store winter tires outdoors, even under a tarp or blanket.

The temperature of the area where your tires are stored should never be higher than the average room temperature. If a heat source is present, protect your tires.

Keep hazardous materials away

It's essential to keep your tires away from fuel, solvents, lubricants and other chemicals. Also, keep tires away from any sharp objects to avoid punctures or lacerations. For added protection, you can purchase storage bags. These will help protect your tires from UV rays that can cause the rubber to dry out or crack.

No pressure or tension

To avoid cracking, it's also important to keep your tires free of external pressure and tension.

Whether your tires are mounted on wheels or not, they should be rotated every four weeks to maintain their quality and durability.

Wheeled Tires

If your tires are mounted on wheels, do not store them upright. The best way to do this is to hang them on hooks. You can also stack them, but be sure to reconfigure the stack every four weeks or so.

Dismounted Tires

Never stack or hang tires that are not mounted on wheels. They should be stored upright and rotated about every four weeks. Ideally, the rimless tires should be stored on shelves.