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Fitment guarantee


Choose your tires and wheels with confidence!

PMCitre is proud to offer you a guarantee of compatibility between the products you purchase and your vehicle. Our team of professionals systematically verifies that the tires, parts, and wheels ordered meet your vehicle's specifications before shipping them to you.

We work hard on our databases!

Throughout the year, the PMCtire team updates our vehicle databases. On the one hand, information from car manufacturers is verified, and technical specifications of wheels, parts and tires are associated with the vehicles.

Our mistake... we take back products!

Although rare, an error may slip through our databases or those of a manufacturer. In such a case, we will take back the product free of charge, and we will assume the transportation costs for its return to our warehouse and the costs for shipping the right product to you.

The right information about your vehicle

When selecting products and completing the order, please ensure that you have indicated the make, model and option package that corresponds to your vehicle. Please note that if you have made an error in the information provided, we will not be responsible for these errors and their impact on the suggested products.

Purchase of wheels only

You must try the wheels on the vehicle before mounting the tires!

If you are purchasing wheels only, you must test fit a wheel to the vehicle before fitting the tires to the wheels. The wheel boxes are marked with a red round sticker for this purpose. If the tires are mounted on the wheels, the wheels are not refundable by the manufacturer. Consequently, we will not take them back, and you will be responsible for reselling them yourself. Please keep the original boxes of the wheels you received for delivery, as they are required for their return (if the wheels do not fit on the vehicle). We will gladly take back wheels with no tires and return them in the original boxes.

Purchase tires only or a set of tires mounted on wheels

Test a few meters before going for a ride

In the event of an error on our part, either in the processing of your order, in our databases or in the manufacturer's database, all orders for tires or a set of tires and wheels in new condition that are not compatible with the vehicle specified at the time of order, will be taken back and returned to the warehouse at our expense. If available or existing, replacement products will be shipped back to you free of charge. If not, a full refund will be made.

Need to return a product?

Visit our Cancellation & Return section.