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Dunlop - SP Winter Sport 3D ROF

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Dimensions: 245 / 45 / R 18 / 100V
Dunlop - SP Winter Sport 3D ROF - 245/45R18 100V XL Runflat



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Dunlop - SP Winter Sport 3D ROF - 245/45R18 100V XL Runflat

The Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D ROF is a non-studdable performance winter tire for cars, vans and SUV. 

Active traction, exceptional and versatile performance 

The SP Winter Sport 3-D ROF is a runflat tire specially developed for sports cars and sedans coupes and approved as original equipment by the manufacturers of the world's best vehicles such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and others, it is engineered to provide good control regardless of the weather. With the Dunlop SP Wintersport 3D ROF you can drive passionately but safely with a high performance tire that adapts when road conditions change, providing a clear feedback on wet and dry surfaces and impressing you with an excellent traction on icy roads covered with snow. An ideal choice for drivers who want a performance tire whose quality compares well to big brands while purchasing at a lower price. 

A cutting edge tread technology 

The Dunlop SP Winter 3D runflat has a directional tread for improved handling and performance on slightly wet pavement or soaked surface. Made with a compound made of silica which retains its elasticity at low temperatures, the tire sticks to the road even during extremely cold weathers. Silica based compounds also allow for an even wear and uniform soil adhesion throughout the tire’s entire lifecycle. 

Also, the tread is designed according to the MRT (Multi-Tread Radius Technology), which is characterized by multiple radii of curvature that ensure a more even pressure distribution across the footprint, thus giving the SP Wintersport 3D ROF good traction on dry roads. 

The seamless thread and jointless rubber Technology, meanwhile, helps in maintaining the tire’s shape for a long-time comfortable ride and excellent high-speed stability and uniform wear. 

Revolutionary sipes for outstanding performances, no matter the winter! 

An active-traction multiple variable-sipes system includes three different sipe types and depths that are carefully positioned at specific places across the tread, gives the 3-Dunlop Winter Sport the advantage ROF D when it comes to traction, performance, stability, maneuverability, improved cornering, acceleration and braking in all conditions. Moreover, the 3D sipes in the shoulder offer the SP Winter Sport 3D Runflat a very good road feedback, which is essential to obtain a superior control and handling, and helps providing maximum traction on icy roads and snowy surfaces in addition to  enhancing stability and providing excellent dry performance. To make the tire even better, four directional grooves allow for efficient water evacuation and hence increase resistance to hydroplaning. 

Additional protection

Finally, the Dunlop Wintersport 3D ROF sports a specific bead seat which improves control and road feedback for a more precise steering system. A bead lip is there to protect the rim with an extra buffer zone preventing the rim to be damaged during an unfortunate parking incident. 

The Dunlop SP Wintersport 3D ROF features RunOnFlat DSST (Dunlop Self Supporting Technology) with reinforced sidewalls that allows the tire to maintain its mobility and drivability after a puncture or a loss of pressure. The tire is designed to run without air inside over a maximum distance of 80 km at 80 km/h. 

The Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D ROF is consistent with Quebec's Bill 42.

Additional Information

Conditions N/A
SKU DU265025058
Related Products No
Manufacturer Dunlop
Model SP Winter Sport 3D ROF
Weight 29.0000
Aspect Ratio 45
Wheel Diameter 18
Wheel Width 245
Tire Qualities N/A
Load Index XL
Speed Rating V = 149mph / 240km/h
Winter designed Tire Yes
Usage Winter
Studdable Tire No
Comments N/A
Load Index 100 = 1764lbs / 800kg
Lower Load Index N/A
Mesuring Rim Width 9.6 on 8.0
Original Equipment BMW 5
Overall Diameter 26.7
Rim Width Approved 7.5 - 9.0
Sidewall Type BSW
Tread Depth 10/32
Tread Width 9.6
Sidewall Lettering N/A
Green Tire Technology No
Reinforced Tire Yes
Runflat Tire Technology Yes
Uniform Tire Quality Grading (UTQG) N/A
Deals N/A