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Michelin Winter Tires

Driving in winter can be challenging, especially in Canada. However, Michelin's winter tires offer you ultimate confidence on snowy and icy roads. With an exclusive tread design for exceptional grip, these tires provide improved braking performance and reduce the risk of hydroplaning, while increasing the tire lifespan.

X-Ice : Michelin has designed the X-Ice tire family to offer optimal mobility and safety to drivers of high-end, performance, touring cars, and minivans - not only when new, but also for several winters to come. In addition to biting into snow and ice, the X-Ice tire family helps reduce fuel consumption. Models : X-ICE SNOW, X-ICE North 4, X-ICE XI3.

MICHELIN Pilot : this tire range is designed to offer an unparalleled driving experience by combining luxurious driving and superior quality performance. They provide excellent handling, highly effective braking, and optimal control to maximize the performance of any sporty road or track vehicle. The Michelin Pilot tire family is an ideal choice for demanding drivers who seek high-level performance without compromise! Models : Pilot Alpin 5, Pilot Alpin 5 SUV, Pilot Alpin PA4.

MICHELIN Latitude : this tire family combines several features such as exceptional grip on both wet and dry roads, optimal driving comfort, and improved energy efficiency, thus meeting the needs of drivers of pickup trucks, SUVs, and crossover vehicles. Models : Latitude Alpin LA2, Latitude Alpin.