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Michelin / X-Ice Xi3

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About Michelin X-Ice Xi3

The Michelin X-Ice Xi3 is a non-studdable winter tire for cars, small SUVs and minivans. 

Performance, safety and durability!

Michelin X Ice Xi3 is the new benchmark in the winter high-end line of Michelin tires. It provides a safer performance, increased protection in harsh winter conditions and has a tread life up to two times longer than its main competitors. It also provides a smooth and comfortable ride. 

The Xi3 XIce Michelin tires are covered by a limited 60 000 km warranty against tread wear, in addition to the normal warranty for labour and raw materials. Michelin also provides a 3-Year flat tire changing assistance.

The MaxTouch Construction technology from Michelin tire provides the X-IceXi3 with a footprint that evenly distributes the forces of acceleration, braking and cornering, promoting even wear and longer tread life. 

Reduction in braking distance, stability and grip on ice and snow

Michelin 3 XIce reduces up to 3 m the braking distance on ice compared to a leading competitor and features optimized tread blocks combining three-dimensional interlocking Z sipes (Cross Z Sipes) that increase rigidity, stability, and traction ice and snow. In addition, thanks to a larger number of tread blocks, the Michelin X Ice Xi3 provides 15% more biting edges, which also helps to increase performance on ice and snow. 

Flexibility for various temperatures

The Ice-Flex compound allows for maximal distribution of the silica, thus ensuring that the tire remains flexible at low temperatures. This compound is also designed to maintain stability in warmer weather, improving the tire's life. 

Finally, micropumps absorb water from the surface and evacuate it by centrifugal force to improve the tread with the road and reduce hydroplaning. 

Fuel economy and environment

The Michelin X-Ice Xi3 meets Green X energy Michelin standard and displays a decreased rolling resistance which helps to reduce carbon emissions and save fuel.