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About Firestone Tires

Firestone is a renowned tire brand that was founded in 1900 by Harvey Samuel Firestone in Akron, Ohio, USA. For over a century, Firestone has established itself as one of the global leaders in the production of high-quality tires. Today, the brand is synonymous with performance, safety, and reliability on Canadian roads and around the world.

The story of Firestone begins in Akron, Ohio, where Harvey Firestone seized the opportunity to supply tires to early automobile manufacturers. In 1906, Firestone secured a contract with Henry Ford, marking the beginning of a fruitful relationship between the two companies. Firestone then achieved resounding success by providing tires for the Ford Model T. This collaboration helped elevate the brand to the top of the tire industry.

Over the years, Firestone has distinguished itself through its commitment to innovation and technology, becoming a global leader in the tire industry with a range of innovative products that cater to the needs of every type of driver.

In 1923, the brand introduced the first radial-ply tire, revolutionizing the automotive sector by improving tire durability and handling. Later, in 1945, Firestone became the first company to produce radial-ply tires for passenger vehicles.

Firestone established itself in Canada in 1928 and has since contributed to the development of the local tire market. The brand has become a benchmark for Canadian drivers, offering tires suited to the climatic conditions and specific needs of each region.

Throughout its history, Firestone has also been involved in motorsports, winning several prestigious victories. Since 1950, the brand has been the exclusive tire supplier for the Indy 500, one of the most famous races in the world.

Today, Firestone offers an extensive range of tires to meet the needs of all drivers: passenger cars, vans, SUVs, performance vehicles, and industrial vehicles. Among the most popular models in Canada are the Firestone Winterforce, Firestone Destination, and Firestone Firehawk.

The Firestone brand is committed to environmental and social responsibility. It invests in research and development of more eco-friendly and sustainable materials for its tires, while also supporting educational and community initiatives.

In summary, Firestone has traversed over a century of history by establishing itself as a quality, innovative, and committed tire brand. With a strong presence in Canada and a product range tailored to the needs of Canadian drivers, Firestone is an indispensable choice for anyone seeking reliable and high-performing tires.