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Firestone / Winterforce CV

Discover all available Firestone Winterforce CV tires

Winterforce CV


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About Firestone Winterforce CV

Firestone's Winterforce CV tire is designed for light truck and light commercial vehicle owners looking for winter performance during heavy use.

  • Great cold surface performance
  • Excellent durability
  • Very high load capacity

Winterforce CV tires offer excellent winter grip and high resistance to aquaplaning, thanks to their well-designed tread. They use their high-density tread and winter compound to ensure safe performance in harsh weather conditions.

Its zigzag blocks bite into the snow

The Winterforce CV has a detailed directional tread design that keeps the tire in contact with snow, ice and wet surfaces while being quiet.

Optimally placed shoulder blocks enhance cornering ability.

Its tough rubber compound maintains flexibility in cold weather conditions, allowing the tire to perform safely in various winter conditions.

The tread design also helps prevent hydroplaning. Hydroplaning is a road hazard when water or melted snow stuck to the road surface causes the tire to lose contact with the road surface, causing the vehicle to skid. The Winterforce CV uses its wide, high-angle lateral grooves and deep, circular channels to disperse water and slush beneath the tire surface in contact with the road.

Tires for commercial vehicles must have excellent load and driving resistance to ensure maximum performance capability throughout the journey. The Winterforce CV tire has a reinforced construction that maintains its ideal shape under load and pressure.

Its internal structure consists of a double steel belt reinforced with a polyester coating. This construction considerably improves the load and durability of the tire.

Firestone's Winterforce CV tire will appeal to commercial vehicles, light truck owners who want strength and safety without sacrificing driving enjoyment on their many trips.