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About Firestone WeatherGrip

The Firestone WeatherGrip is a passenger car all-season tire.

The TheFirestone WeatherGrip tire is for vehicle owners looking for a combination of comfort, wet and snow traction and long-term performance with a 105,000 km limited warranty

No matter what the weather conditions

Its design allows it to stay in control of the road, regardless of winter weather conditions. WeatherGrip provides safe and reliable performance throughout the winter.

Full-depth tread design

The WeatherGrip tread composite is molded in a directional pattern for improved traction. Firestone's Hydro-Grip Technology Package uses a rounded tread pattern that makes it easier to navigate through standing water on the pavement, preventing hydroplaning.

The internal construction of the WeatherGrip consists of a single-layer polyester carcass that supports two steel belts. Nylon reinforcement makes the grip easier to handle and ensures durability even at high speeds.