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TPMS valves

TPMS: Tire Pressure Monitoring System

What are TPMS sensors?

Introduced in 2009 in North America in most vehicles, the system called TPMS is an electronic process, often integrated into the valve of each tire, which monitors the pressure. TPMS alerts the driver of a vehicle, via the dashboard, to a change in air pressure in one or more tires.

The purpose of the sensors is to increase driving safety and reduce the risk of accidents. Incorrect tire pressure increases braking distance and affects vehicle performance when cornering.

By ensuring that your tire pressure is properly adjusted for your vehicle, TPMS not only provides more excellent safety but also:

  • Increase your vehicle's fuel efficiency by reducing the excess fuel consumption that can result from improper tire pressure;

  • Reduce the wear on the tread of your tires, thus preserving their grip on the road for better vehicle handling;

  • Eliminate the need for manual tire pressure checks, as TPMS electronic signals instantly notify you of incorrect tire pressure.