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How to measure a bolt pattern and wheel hub ?


The bolt pattern on your vehicle is one of the first, if not the first, criteria to consider when determining whether or not a wheel will fit your car. While many different bolt patterns are used on vehicles today, it's pretty easy to understand.

The bolt pattern is the number and spacing of the wheel hole openings that match the measurement of the corresponding stud or bolt pattern on the vehicle hub.

How do I know if the wheels are compatible with my vehicle?

The Bolt Pattern is the diameter of an imaginary circle (sometimes called a bolt circle) through the center of the wheel studs and the number of bolts (4, 5, 6 or 8). It is expressed by putting the number of bolts x the diameter of the circle, e.g. 5x114.3

The bolt pattern or bolt circle is vehicle specific and cannot be changed. It must be the same as the wheel.

How to measure the diameter of the bolt circle?

The diameter is measured in millimeters or inches. It is calculated by taking the distance between the two farthest studs or by using an instrument that indicates the circle's diameter between the two nearest drilled holes. Depending on the model, the distance in millimeters between the lines should be measured (as shown below).  bolt pattern.jpg

A conversion table for measurements in millimeters and inches follows:

4 x 3.934 x 100
4 x 4.254 x 107.95
4 x 4.334 x 110
4 x 4.504 x 114.3
4 x 5.124 x 130
4 x 5.514 x 140
5 x 4.005 x 100
5 x 4.255 x 107.95
5 x 4.505 x 114.3
5 x 4.535 x 115
5 x 4.725 x 120
5 x 4.755 x 120.65
5 x 5.125 x 130

Wheel Hub

The wheel hub is the center bore, a machined opening (measured in millimeters) located behind the center of the wheel, allowing it to sit correctly on the vehicle axle. This opening is designed so that the center of the wheel is perfectly centered with the vehicle axle when the bolts are tightened.

Some wheels are specifically made ​​to be installed on specific vehicle models. In contrast, other wheels are designed with a larger opening to suit a more significant number of cars.  Wheel Hub.png

How to measure a wheel

  1. Measure the distance in inches between where the tire is supported
  2. Measure the distance in inches between the rim's interior beads