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Winter tires in Quebec: be ready before December 1st


In Quebec, winter tires are mandatory between December 1st and March 15th. Did you know that? As soon as the temperature drops below 7°C or the road is covered with ice or snow, the rubber of summer or all-season tires becomes hard and offers little grip.

However, since winter weather conditions usually arrive before December 1st, it is strongly recommended to equip your vehicle with winter tires before this mandatory deadline. This way, you can avoid the last-minute rush to the garage and get caught by winter.

Start the winter with a well-shod vehicle

For optimal traction on snowy, icy or wet roads, the tread depth of your tires should be at least 4.8 mm (6/32") at the time of installation, across the entire width of the tire.

We believe this is the minimum acceptable to avoid compromising your safety, even though the law allows tires with a tread depth of only 1.6 mm (2/32").

How to check the date of manufacture of your tires?

Please pay attention to the date of manufacture of your tires, especially when you buy them.

A tire that is worn out or is several years old will have a hardened tread and will be less effective on snowy or icy roads.

Look for the 4-digit DOT marking on the sidewall to find out when a tire was made. For example, 1621 means the tire was manufactured in the 16th week of 2021.

Finally, you don't need to constantly monitor the thermometer to decide to install your winter tires. Late October or early November is an excellent time to install your winter tires to simplify your decision.