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Winter is coming: should I buy a second set of wheels?


When you buy a new vehicle, it comes with its original wheels and tires. However, you are rarely provided with a second set of wheels when buying a new car. So it's up to you if you want to invest in the second set of wheels to put your winter tires on. But what are the advantages of such an expense?

Why buy a second set of [wheels for winter?

1. To save money

The first question you should ask yourself is, "How long will I keep my vehicle?" If you plan to drive the same car for three years or more, buying a second set of wheels may be a great idea. By purchasing a second set of wheels, you will save on mounting, dismounting and balancing at the change of season, between $70 and $100 (excluding the TPMS change). By leaving your tires on their respective rims, you'll only pay about $40 to install your tire and wheels package on your vehicle, and you'll spend less time in the garage! In short, you'll save twice a year, and after four years, you'll have made your investment back!

Nowadays, manufacturers are equipping vehicles with larger and larger alloy wheels. Indeed, the diameter of these wheels is huge, and who says big wheels, says big tires, therefore, high price! By purchasing a second set of wheels, you can choose smaller rims and buy smaller tires, generally less expensive. For winter, you can also opt for steel wheels, an inexpensive alternative very popular in Quebec and Ontario.

2. To avoid damaging your tires

Having a second set of wheels for your winter tires is also an advantage for tire wear. Each season, mounting, dismounting, and balancing tires causes premature wear in the tire's bead area and can lead to an increased risk of air pressure loss. By owning a second set of wheels, you reduce the amount of handling of your eight tires and, consequently, the risk of breakage on each of them.

3. To avoid damaging your wheels

Not all wheels are made for winter driving. Of course, if your vehicle is equipped with steel wheels, you have nothing to worry about. But if your wheels are made of alloy, it's a different story. If you want to keep the same wheels year-round, make sure they are winterized. Some rim finishes can easily be damaged by snow, salt and rocks, while others are resistant: ask around.

In short, if you plan to keep the exact vehicle for a few years, buying a second set of wheels will simplify your life, save you money in the medium and long term and minimize wear and tear on your tires and wheels. In addition, by purchasing your second set of tires and wheels on PMCtire.com, you get free mounting and balancing: you receive your set ready to install on your vehicle!