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Why can't we sell Nokian tires online at PMCtire.com?


Tires are like any other purchase, and there are always customers who swear by one brand. Some vehicle owners are loyal to the Nokian brand when choosing a winter tire to drive on the country's roads during winter.

Nokian Tyres have an excellent reputation for winter tires, but is this reputation justified?

Is the reputation justified?

We answer with a yes and a no! Nokian tires are among the top brands such as Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, Hankook, Michelin and Pirelli. They all use excellent rubber to provide excellent grip on snow and ice. The premium tires guarantee increased comfort and longevity.

However, one main reason established mechanics and tire stores love them so much and offer them to their customers first: is competition.

Of course, this is a good choice, but it is because the manufacturer Nokian makes it a point to prevent any sales of its brand on the Internet.

This decision aims to protect its retailers from the fierce competition of Internet sites specialized in selling and distributing new tires.

Other brands are not subject to this type of rule, which means that the prices of other popular brands are posted online to the delight of consumers, but less so for retailers.

Imagine a mechanic shop offering you a Michelin tire for $189 that you can get for $159 on the web with free 48-hour delivery.

Often, the advisor or mechanic you deal with will tell you they are paying more than the price posted online at a tire and wheel sales site like PMCtire.com.

As they say, this is not good for business!

But by offering you Nokian tires, he knows he won't have this problem because no one sells these tires online, with posted prices. He will also be able to make a better profit margin because it will be difficult for the customer to compare the price unless he makes several phone calls or goes to a competitor.

What are the other options?

As mentioned above, the Nokian tire is a good choice for our Canadian winters, but because of the low competition, you will pay more for a tire from this brand.

For less money, you can get your hands on a Michelin, Pirelli or Continental tire that is as good as or better than Nokian Hakkapeliitta tires.