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Why buy winter tires in advance?


When it comes to road safety, prevention is better than cure! If your winter tires need to be replaced, or if you're thinking of trading in your All-Weather tires for winter tires this year, you'd better think sooner rather than later. But when exactly? And why?

Choosing from complete inventories

Some people think that very few winter tires are available in September because winter is still far away, but this is not the case! Our inventory is just as complete in early September as it is in early October, so don't worry. However, it's a different story if you wait until late November! So, instead of settling for the leftovers, think ahead and choose the winter tires that will best suit your needs now. Also, if you want the best winter tires on the market, store them early! Popular and proven tires can be hard to find in late November.

Finding the right size for your vehicle

For luxury sedan owners, it's even more important to store your tires early. Audi, BMW, Mercedes-AMG, Tesla and Porsche: these manufacturers' cars are equipped with sometimes rare tire sizes that are not widely available. Get them before it's too late!

Avoid the busy period at the garage

If you buy your winter tires and have them installed in November or December, you may have trouble finding a garage that is not full. And please, don't wait for the first snowfall, you might regret it! When you buy from PMCtire.com, you can have your winter tires delivered directly to your address to avoid any worries.

Buy peace of mind

Do yourself a big favour, don't wait until the last minute to buy your winter tires. Why put yourself under so much unnecessary pressure? It's your safety that's at stake! Get a head start; you'll feel better afterwards!