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The Best Winter Tires for Tesla Model 3 in 2023-2024

Stop wondering about the choice of the best winter tires for your Tesla Model 3 from 2018 to 2024! The experts at PMCtire.com have meticulously selected for you a range of tires with the best value for money, specifically adapted for Tesla Model 3 from 2018 to 2024. Regardless of your needs or your budget, PMCtire guarantees the compatibility of the proposed tire models for your Tesla Model 3, offers free shipping*, and sends you your set of tires and wheels ready to be mounted on your vehicle if you choose a tire + wheels package.

Our Selection of Sets for Tesla Model 3

Each year, new tire models are introduced to the market by manufacturers. Since it can be difficult for you to follow trends, PMCtire experts have analyzed dozens of products for you and have selected the three best tire models for Tesla Model 3 in 18 inches. If you are looking for a set of tires or wheels in 19 or 20 inches, we invite you to go to the homepage of our site to add your vehicle and change the size to the one you want.

What type of winter tires are best suited to your Tesla Model 3?

There are various classifications of winter tires to consider:

  • studded tires;
  • high-performance tires;
  • ice-optimized tires;
  • specific snow tires.

Even if they can reduce the autonomy of the car, studded tires are recommended if you regularly drive on icy or snowy roads, as is the case in many regions (Quebec, northern British Columbia, etc.). They can be a wise option if you live far from metropolises. However, for the majority of Tesla Model 3 owners, it is preferable to opt for eco-friendly winter tires.

Our Choice of 18-Inch Winter Tires for Tesla Model 3

Every year, manufacturers introduce new tire models. Given the difficulty of staying updated with all these innovations, Dominic, our specialist at PMCtire, analyzed several products on a Tesla Model 3 belonging to one of our employees. He has thus identified the three best 18-inch tire models for Tesla Model 3.

Dominic's number one choice: the Michelin X-Ice Snow

Optimize the performance and safety of your Tesla Model 3, even under the harshest winter conditions in Canada with the Michelin X-Ice Snow.

This model was designed with a silica-based rubber blend and a rigid polymer to ensure superior flexibility and optimal grip in extreme weather conditions, including very low temperatures, and is therefore perfectly suited to the Canadian climate.

In addition to being a tire that offers maximum reliability, grip, and safety, the Michelin X-Ice Snow outlasts the average lifespan of its competitors by at least one winter season according to the manufacturer and feedback from our customers.

Michelin offers a 60,000 km mileage warranty on this model, which is quite rare for tires specifically designed for electric vehicles.

So far, it's the best value for money you'll find on the market!


  • Exceptional winter traction;
  • Tread longevity;
  • Smooth and quiet ride;
  • Absolute confidence on snow and ice.

More details on the Michelin X-Ice Snow

Click here to view Michelin X-Ice Snow

See the Michelin X-Ice Snow

Dominic's 2nd choice: the Continental VikingContact 7

A must-have to face the rigorous Canadian winters, the VikingContact 7.

Thanks to the unique design of its tread pattern, dotted with numerous grooves, this Continental model reduces the risk of aquaplaning and slipping on icy, snowy, or slippery roads.

The Continental VikingContact 7 stands out as a top-tier winter tire, offering remarkable performance on snow and ice.

Continental technologies

The ContiSeal technology, developed by Continental, offers an innovative solution to ensure the safety of your passengers during their journey. It allows punctures to self-repair, allowing you to reach your destination with confidence. Thanks to ContiSeal™, 80% of punctures up to 5 mm in diameter are sealed instantly, guaranteeing trouble-free driving even after a puncture. This advancement eliminates the need for roadside assistance and makes stopping to change a tire at the roadside unnecessary.

Continental's ContiSilent foam effectively reduces summer tire noise without compromising your vehicle's handling performance, mileage, load capacity or speed. Easy to install on all common rims, this technology is robust and retains its shape in all weather conditions. In summer, it reduces the sound components of road noise by up to 9 dB(A), improving the comfort inside your car.

The reinforcement of load-bearing sidewalls technology prevents the crushing of the tire between the road and the rim in the event of loss of pressure. In the event of a puncture, you can drive around 80 km at a maximum speed of 80 km/h, without the need for a spare wheel. This reduces vehicle weight, saves fuel and frees up 80 liters of trunk space.

The Continental VikingContact 7 is a remarkable winter tire, capable of delivering high performance on snow and ice.

Moreover, by purchasing a VikingContact 7, Continental will offer you its "Total Confidence Plan" which includes 3-year Roadside Assistance, always handy in case of a mishap on the road!

In short, the VikingContact 7 is a wise choice with a lower price than the X-Ice Snow.


  • Exceptional traction on icy or snowy roads
  • Nordic compound optimized for low temperatures
  • Remarkable stability, whatever the weather conditions
  • Superior braking than average on icy roads

More details on the Continental VikingContact 7

Click here to view Continental VikingContact 7

See the Continental VikingContact 7

Dominic's 3rd choice: the Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3

The Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3, a proven choice for Canadian winters, now offers sizes specifically suited to electric models (reinforced tires).

This Pirelli model is a winter tire specially designed for driving on icy and snowy roads, guaranteeing stable acceleration and both safe and effective braking.

The new tread compound, featuring a larger contact area, helps to improve ice performance.


  • Tire specifically designed to ensure reliable and secure control;
  • Solid performance on snow and ice;
  • Exceptional traction on frozen or snow-covered roads;
  • Outstanding braking capability.

More details on the Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3

Click here to view Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3

See the Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3


We at PMCtire know how confusing and complex choosing the right tire can be. That's why our specialists are available to assist you in your decision, always taking into account your specific requirements (mileage per season, type of road, driving style, etc.). You can reach us by chat or email for personalized consultation. Our goal is to help you identify the tire that perfectly fits you!

Remember, your safety is our utmost priority. Equipped with the appropriate tires, you can face the harshness of winter with confidence. Ensure safe winter driving with PMCtire.

Dominic Vaillancourt

Automotive expert & Spokesperson