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Ford F-150: Best budget-friendly winter tires of 2022-2023


For 56 years, the Ford F-Series full-size pickup has been the best-selling truck in Canada. Over the past 10 years, Ford of Canada has sold 1,310,304 units of its F-Series. This is the 10th consecutive year that Canada's favourite pickup has posted six-figure sales.

Look no further for the best tire deals for your F-150! We've selected the best winter tire models perfectly compatible with your vehicle so you can drive safely and confidently!

Our experts have worked hard to ensure you get the best deals on the market. Whatever your needs or budget, PMCtire.com guarantees the compatibility of the products offered for your F-150.

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What type of winter tires should you buy for your F-150?

There are several types of winter tires: studded, performance, ice and snow.

Studded tires are recommended if you regularly drive on icy or snowy roads. If you live outside of major centers, they may be right for you.

Find the right tires at the right price for your F-150 from the experts at PMCtire.

Here's a video of the best winter tires in 2022 / 2023 for your Ford F-150.

Our selection of tires for the Ford F-150 in 18 inches

Year after year, manufacturers bring new winter tire models to market. Since it can be difficult for you to keep up with the trends, the experts at PMCtire have analyzed hundreds of products for you and selected three options that offer the best quality/price.

1st choice of PMCtire experts

Continental VikingContact 7

Continental's VikingContact 7 is a winter tire offering excellent grip, traction, stability and braking performance in all winter conditions.

Its tread design features multiple grooves with a unique design to reduce hydroplaning and the risk of skidding on icy, snowy or slushy roads.

The Continental VikingContact 7, with its superior construction and design, is an excellent winter tire capable of delivering high performance on snow and ice.

Overall, the VikingContact 7 is a reliable tire designed to get you to your destination in all winter conditions.


  • Excellent traction on icy or snowy roads
  • Nordic compound optimized for low temperatures
  • Very stable in all weather conditions
  • Above-average braking on icy roads

 pmctire-Viking Contact 7.png

2nd choice of PMCtire experts

Firestone Winterforce 2 UV

The Winterforce 2 UV is Firestone's studdable winter tire designed specifically for owners of light trucks, including the Ford F-150, who want maximum winter traction on dry, wet and snowy roads.

The tread design also enhances braking capability. High-density directional sipes in the tread improve friction between the road surface and the tire footprint during braking. The friction generated significantly reduces the braking distance and increases the braking power considerably. The reduced stopping distance ensures safe performance and driving ability, as it increases safety levels.

The two deep circumferential grooves, wide side notches and open shoulder slots help channel water, snow and slush away from the contact patch to promote hydroplaning resistance.

The Winterforce 2 UV offers outstanding grip even on icy surfaces, above-average reliability and extended life.

In addition, the tire can be studded for added grip on ice.


  • Specially designed tread compound to remain flexible even on the coldest days
  • Offers a good value for money while combining performance and longevity
  • Very stable in all weather conditions
  • A studdable tire for better traction  Firestone Winterforce 2 UV-pmctire-f150.jpeg

3rd choice of PMCtire experts

Uniroyal Tiger Paw Ice & Snow 3

Uniroyal's Tiger Paw Ice and Snow 3 is a studdable winter tire that provides outstanding reliability on icy, snowy and wet roads.

Its unique tread compound is designed to stay flexible and grip the road in freezing weather.

The Tiger Paw Ice & Snow 3 can be studded for better grip on thicker ice, hard snow or deep snow.

The addition of silica in the tread compound gives this tire a significantly improved grip on wet roads and snow and slush.

The patented "DuraShield" construction, which includes steel belts and a two-ply polyester casing, results in a smoother ride, high durability and superior comfort.

Built for regions that experience harsh winters, this studdable tire provides better traction on ice and compacted snow.


  • An affordable winter tire that offers you increased reliability in all winter conditions
  • State-of-the-art tread compound that maintains its flexibility in extreme cold
  • Molded to be studded
  • High silica content compound allows the tire to maintain its flexibility regardless of the temperature

 pmctire-Tiger Paw Ice & Snow 3-f150.jpg

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