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Do I need winter tires in Alberta?

Every fall, when the temperature drops and the snow begins to fall, Albertans rush to buy new winter tires or have their previous seasons' tires installed.

Whether in Calgary or Edmonton, Alberta, the winter season brings extreme weather conditions. Wind, snow and icy roads are part of everyday life in winter. Winter tires with a mountain symbol and a snowflake inside the sidewall are the safest option for winter driving.

Many people know that winter tires are essential, but they can't explain why. Some people use all-season tires year-round, which puts them and their vehicles at risk.

This article will discuss the importance of winter tires and why you are putting yourself in a dangerous situation if you don't use them in winter conditions.

As we know and have proven in our extensive testing, as soon as the temperature drops below 7 degrees Celsius, all-season tires lose their grip and braking distance increases. Winter tires have softer rubber, better tread and deeper blocks for better traction on snow and ice.

In winter conditions, we recommend that you choose any tire with the three mountain peaks and the snowflake on it, as these are the ones considered to have severe winter service by Transport Canada.

Winter tires contain silica, which gives friction and rubber an advantage in gripping the road during the snowy and icy road season. In some cases, winter tires can be studded to give your vehicle an extra boost to conquer the streets, whether in Edmonton or elsewhere in the province.

Do I need to put on winter tires if my car has traction control?

While traction control helps you avoid overloading your tires, it does not improve their grip. The only way to maximize your vehicle's performance in winter is to provide your traction control system with more grip by using tires designed explicitly for our Alberta driving conditions - winter tires.

Winter tires provide superior braking and handling in winter temperatures and conditions: ice, snow, slush and even cold, dry asphalt.

Winter tires have thousands of tiny grooves carved into the rubber of your winter tire, called sipes, to provide the necessary traction on ice and snow.

Winter tires are not only better in the snow, but they are also designed to work better in the cold Alberta climate.

Winter tires give you peace of mind and safety on the roads of Edmonton or Calgary. A set of winter tires will help you reduce braking distances and better maneuver on snowy and icy roads while extending the life of your all-season tires.

How much do winter tires cost in Alberta?

Winter tires cost between $100 and $490 per tire. This, of course, depends on the type of vehicle, quality and size of the tire. While the price may seem daunting initially, winter tires are a wise investment in road safety. Driving on your all-season tires all year long wears them down considerably, making them less effective.

Buying winter tires is not an expense but an investment in your safety and the safety of other vehicle owners around you.