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Discounts and mail-in rebates for tires


Tire mail-in rebates from top manufacturers!

Since 2008, PMCtire has offered you the largest online inventory of tires, wheels and parts in Canada from nearly 300 manufacturers!

Products eligible for a mail-in rebate are identified with a logo. Look for it to save!

Not only will you pay less for your tires, parts and wheels with us, but you can also take advantage of manufacturer mail-in rebates! Rebates are accumulating on tires from the top manufacturers!

You can see the actual mail in rebates directly here

Tire brands currently offering a mail-in rebate

Note that these rebates are offered and managed by the manufacturers. PMCtire is not involved in the receipt and processing of your claims.

When filling out your claim, please indicate PMCtire inc. (not pmctire.com) as the retailer.

Terms and Conditions for Mail-in Rebates

  • These rebates and their conditions are established and managed by the tire manufacturers and are subject to change without notice. Visit each manufacturer's website for complete details about these conditions.

  • All discounts apply to the purchase of 4 selected tires.

  • Claims must be made directly to the manufacturers. PMCtire is in no way responsible for these promotions, claims, any refusal on the part of the manufacturers, or the timing of receiving the rebates.

  • You may proceed with your claim by mail, using a printable form, or electronically by completing an online form. We recommend the latter as it is more efficient. It allows the manufacturer to quickly communicate with you if any information is missing and gives you the ability to track the status of your claim.

  • To obtain your rebate, you need to fill out a form (paper or online) before the manufacturer's deadline and attach a copy of your original invoice. When indicating the authorized retailer from whom you made your purchase, don't forget to write PMCtire Inc. (and not pmctire.com).

  • Manufacturers require a copy of your original invoice as proof of purchase. Screenshots of an online order and order or delivery confirmations are not accepted.

  • Some manufacturers exclude online purchases from their mail-in rebate offer. These manufacturers are not listed as offering such rebates on our website.