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Road Hazard Protection

Protect Your Investment

FREE! - Get the road hazard protection at no cost on all eligible tires!*

Your tires can be damaged by pot-holes, glass, rocks, nails and many other things on the road. For tires of 19” or less, you can now select a road hazard protection at no cost! Your tires will be covered by the protection for the first 24 months after the purchase date or for the first 432nd of tire wear, whichever occurs first. For any damage that cannot be repaired by a tire specialist (side tear, exploded, sole ripped out, etc.), we will credit you the price you paid for your tire minus the tire wear percentage within the fist 432nd**.

For damages that can be repaired, we will cover the reimbursement for flat tire repairs up to $25.00 per tire per occurrence.

We will only charge you $25 plus taxes as return shipping fees. You will receive the value of your tire at the moment of the damage to help you replace it. This Road Hazard Protection covers you wherever you go.

* This protection is not available for tires of 20 inches and more or runflat tires or LT truck tires.

** The tire wear percentage will be evaluated by one of our experts at our Tire Center. Once this evaluation is completed, we will contact you by email to tell you the value of your applicable credit to replace your tire. No tire with more than 432nd wear compared to the original tread depth will be accepted (e.g. if a tire comes with an original tread depth of 1232nd, the tire will not be covered if a damage occurs to the tire and the remaining tread depth is below 832nd). The maximum replacement tire price covered is 300$ per tire before tax.

How to include this protection in your cart?

Select the “Road Hazard” option under the tire selling price on the detailed product page. The road hazard will be added to the shopping cart. Then you only have to complete the transaction. It is important to keep your invoice for eventual claim.


This protection is available for all passenger cars and vans with P-metric sized tires (tires that have a “P” at the beginning of their size description) with a diameter of 19” or less. Commercial type tires and LT tires (size begins with “LT”) are not covered by this protection, as well as runflat tires.

Conditions & Exclusions

No claims will be accepted without invoice as a proof of purchase. This protection only covers tire replacement. Installation, balancing and taxes will have to be assumed by the buyer. This guarantee will not cover the following conditions: vandalism, incorrect inflating, non-conventional use, negligence, overloading, bad mechanical condition of the vehicle, etc. The guarantee will not apply in a situation where a tire has over 432nd wear or has become unusable resulting of bad vehicle mechanics such as bad wheel alignment or balancing resulting in a irregular or rapid tire wear. Finally, road hazard protection is only valid for the purchase of 4 tires or more.

Damaged Tire Return Covered by the Protection

When you have damage caused by a road accident, you must contact us to open a claim file. Please have with you your order number, the tire name and code and the description of the damage. We will provide you with a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and the complete return procedure instruction for your damaged tire. No return will be accepted without a RMA number. You must purchase the replacement tire from PMCtire.com and/or pay for the repairs. You will be reimbursed for the repairs or replacement (at the invoice value of the tire) as previously agreed upon with PMCtire. The coverage is valid only for purchases of a set, i.e. four (4) tires, and can only be used once and only for one tire. The coverage ends when a claim is made in association with the original invoice.