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Mail-in Rebates

  • The manufacturer's promotions are applicable on purchase of 4 selected tires.
  • All promotions are suggested and managed by manufacturers only and may change at any time wihtout any responsability from

Several tire manufacturers offer mail-in rebates on the purchase of winter tires. Here is a list of eligible brands and winter tire models with ongoing mail-in offers:
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How to Claim Your Mail-In Rebate?

First, you need to complete either an online or paper form with your mailing address, information on your completed winter tires purchase, and in most cases, a copy of the original invoice. If you fill out an online form, you will need to upload your invoice in PDF format along with your form. Be careful, your mail-in rebate application may be considered ineligible if a mistake is found in the requested information. Most of the time, marketing firms are hired by manufacturers to process applications. Note that only the tire manufacturer and the marketing company can decide whether the mail-in rebate application is qualified. PMCtire is in no way responsible in regards to your mail-in rebates.

How Long Will It Take for Me to Receive My Payment?

Please allow up to 3 months, depending on the time of year, to process your request. Some manufacturers offer prepaid credit cards redeemable in any shops, so you don’t have to buy other tires to enjoy the rebate. Other manufacturers send out checks. In this case, you only have to deposit the check in your bank account.

How Do I Know If My Application Has Been Processed?

Manufacturers that allow online mail-in rebate application usually have a status verification tool. Like the mail-in rebate application form, this verification tool is located right on the winter tires manufacturer website.

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