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Free mounting & balancing

Buy a Package of 4 Wheels & 4 Tires and Get It Ready-to-Install for Free!

Another Way to Save With PMCtire!

Buy a set of 4 tires and 4 wheels online for a value of $800 or more and get your new package ready-to-install (mounted & balanced) for free! Whether you purchased winter, all-season, summer, high performance or van tires and wheels, PMCtire ensures that your kit will be ready to install on your vehicle.

Our professionals will be happy to mount your new tires on your new wheels, using equipment at the cutting edge of technology. Thereafter, your set will be carefully packed, ready to get shipped. All you need to do is install the wheels on your vehicle. You can do it yourself or you can go to a garage to complete this step. In any case, it will cost you less than if you get everything done in a garage: mounting, balancing and installation.

The installation of TPMS sensors (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) is also included in our mounting and balancing before shipping service.

Mounting and balancing a tire on a wheel

What Happens with the Mounting, Balancing and Installation at a PMCtire Affiliated Installers Shop?

If you have those steps made by one of our affiliated installers professional, there will have a charge for the services provided (mounting, balancing, installation or TPMS sensors synchronization), according to their own schedule of rates. But don't worry, their services are just as professional!

Obviously, if your order get there mounted and balanced by us, even you have it delivered directly to their place or to you own, you will just have to pay for the installation!

Visit the Buy & ship to an affiliated installer for more details about this option.