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Cancellation & Return


PMCtire offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee policy*:

You can return an unused, unmounted product purchased on our website within 30 days following the reception date.

Please contact us before purchasing if you have any doubts regarding a tire or wheel fitting for your vehicle.

* If you decide to return a product, please contact us with your order number on hand, the name of the product you are returning and the reason for the return. We will send you a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and instructions on the steps to follow.

Cancellation Policy

PMCtire can cancel your order at no charge if you are not satisfied with it. The order must have not been invoiced or processed at the time of the cancellation request.

If this is the case, please contact our customer service and your request will be processed as soon as possible.

For cancellation after delivery of the products, see our Return, Refund and Exchange policy below.

Return, Refund & Exchange Policy

PMCtire accepts returns within 30 days of delivery under certain conditions.

Authorization is Mandatory

No matter the situation, contact us so we can find the optimal solution together. To facilitate access to your file, have your order number on hand.

No unauthorized return will be accepted.

If you refuse the order upon reception, we will apply the return policy according to the applicable conditions.

Conditions for Exchange Without Fees

  • The product has been damaged during transportation.
  • The product has manufacturing defects.
  • The product does not match what you have ordered and what is described on the invoice.

To help accelerate the exchange process, please use our Contact Form to issue a return request with your name, phone number and order number.

With that, we will prepare a return slip with the selected shipping company for the pickup, and ship a replacement product as soon as possible.

Conditions for Return with Complete Refund

  • We cannot provide the ordered product or an acceptable replacement.
  • You received a defective product and we cannot provide an acceptable replacement.
  • We made a pricing error on the website and you do not want to pay the corrected price.
  • You received incorrectly mounted tires on wheels.

Conditions for Return with Fees - Implementation of the return policy

  • You changed your mind after receiving your order.
  • You selected the wrong dimensions: the product you ordered is compatible with your car, but not with your equipment or the modifications that could have been made on it (i.e.: Tires that are not compatible with the wheels you already own, and vice versa).
  • You ordered the wrong type of tires, wheels, accessories or entered the incorrect vehicle information at the time the order was placed.
  • You have changed your mind and want/need to cancel your order after it has been invoiced or processed.

For Returns of Wheels or Tires*

When returning or cancelling an order of wheels or tires, a flat-rate fee of $25 per product will be charged, plus applicable taxes (i.e., $25 plus taxes per tire or wheel that is returned).

*For customers who request a return and who live in the Northwest Territories or the provinces of Yukon and Nunavut, the above fees are not applicable and return requests will be evaluated case-by-case.

Upon agreeing on those return fees, PMCtire will prepare a return voucher with the shipping company and schedule a pickup with you. Once the products are back at our warehouse and have been judged by our staff as respecting our quality requirements, we will proceed to the refund of your order minus the previously detailed return fees.

Conditions for no Return

  • You accept an order with the specific mention: “Final Sale” or “No Return Possible”.
  • You decide to order products against our expert recommendations.
  • You drive more than a few meters to test the fit.
  • You or your installer damage the product in any way.
  • Tires were mounted on wheels or wheels were mounted on a car.
  • Studdable tires have been studded.
  • You damage the products while driving (Road hazard).

Unfortunately, these conditions make the products un-resalable and so un-exchangeable and non-refundable.

Return Procedure

After you are given a return or exchange authorization from PMCtire’s Customer Service, return packing slips will be sent to you by email. Print them and stick them on the products.

It is very important that the products are returned to us well packaged to avoid any potential damages. If the packages are returned to us damaged or poorly packaged, additional fees may apply. (Fees to be determined once the returned products have been inspected).

If you did not keep the original packaging please let us know so we can find an adequate solution.

We will then arrange with you the best time for pick-up by a professional delivery company.

Following are the return procedures regarding the different types of order.

For Tire Only Order

You can use plastic wrap (Saran-wrap) or transparent packaging tape to wrap slips around the tires. Make sure the wrap is strong enough for heavy-duty handling and transport.

For Wheel Only Order

If you still have the original packaging, please use it. Please make sure there is a layer of material between the face of the wheel and the cardboard. You can use bubble wrap or even Saran Wrap (plastic wrap) and simply wrap the face of the wheel before boxing it up. If you have an installation kit please place the small box in one of the wheel boxes (under the wheel).

For Wheel & Tire Order

If you still have the original packaging, please use it. Please make sure there is a layer of material between the face of the wheel and the cardboard. You can use bubble wrap or even Saran Wrap (plastic wrap), simply wrap the face of the wheel before covering it with cardboard. We understand that you may not have access to an industrial strapping machine so you can use packing tape or duct tape to hold everything together. Please make sure that the packaging is strong enough for heavy-duty handling and transport and that the tape is not directly on the wheel.

For Problem with Balancing

If you have any problem with the balancing of a tire and wheel kit, please contact the sales department by using our Contact Form and one of our specialists will contact you within 24 hours.

Refund Procedure

PMCtire will issue a refund to the credit card used for the initial purchase.

Please note that the refund may appear in your account from 5 to 10 business days after it is requested. We will send you a proof of execution by email to confirm.