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Best 2020-2021 Models of Winter Tires

Our Experts - Your Choice

When it comes to dealing with the most extreme winter conditions, whether it is rain, slush, light or heavy snow, icy roads and all under the coldest temperatures, no tire type is better than the selection you will find below. Designed to provide optimum braking, handling and traction in all winter conditions, these tires are designed for all types of vehicles to provide drivers with the maximum possible safety.

To ensure an optimal grip at temperatures below 7°C, winter tires are made of a rubber compound that remains soft and flexible, while also featuring aggressive tread blocks that grip snow and ice. If you’re facing cold temperatures and deep, hard snow, winter tires offer the most reliable performance and safety. With the best technologies available on the market, winter tires can be used in the most difficult conditions.

Each of the models in this selection has been chosen by our experts to help you make your choice from among the dozens of models available on the market for your vehicle. We have listed them for you with their main qualities, available dimensions and starting price.

Best Sellers

  1. Michelin
    X-Ice Snow
    Michelin X-Ice Snow
    • Long-lasting and fuel-efficient
    • Maximum mobility with the absolute quieter ride

    Diameter: 14" to 22"

    Starting at CA$119.76

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  2. Continental
    Conti Viking Contact 7
    Continental Conti Viking Contact 7
    • Very high stability in severe winter conditions
    • Ranked among the best winter tires in Europe

    Diameter: 15" to 22"

    Starting at CA$111.82

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  3. Bridgestone
    Blizzak WS90
    Bridgestone Blizzak WS90
    • Excellent grip and braking on ice and snow
    • Outstanding control and grip on icy pavement

    Diameter: 14" to 20"

    Starting at CA$128.86

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Our Selection

  1. Dunlop
    Winter Maxx 2
    Dunlop Winter Maxx 2
    • Improved stability in wet and slushy conditions
    • Long-lasting performance and control

    Diameter: 13" to 19"

    Starting at CA$92.21

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  2. Pirelli
    Winter Ice Zero FR
    Pirelli Winter Ice Zero FR
    • Sporty behaviour thanks to its rigid carcass
    • Superior driving comfort and performance

    Diameter: 14" to 20"

    Starting at CA$111.21

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  3. Hercules Tires
    Hercules Tires AVALANCHE RT
    • Superior grip in turns and on icy roads
    • Confident driving and handling in every condition

    Diameter: 14" to 18"

    Starting at CA$94.20

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  4. BFGoodrich
    Winter T/A KSI
    BFGoodrich Winter T/A KSI
    • Outstanding manoeuvrability and stability
    • Improved grip and braking in snow, ice and slush

    Diameter: 14" to 20"

    Starting at CA$101.26

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  5. Cooper Tires
    Discoverer True North
    Cooper Tires Discoverer True North
    • Exceptional traction wet or slushy roads
    • Superior grip on ice and snow

    Diameter: 15" to 20"

    Starting at CA$121.09

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  6. Yokohama
    Ice Guard IG53
    Yokohama Ice Guard IG53
    • Designed to cope with the worst winter conditions
    • Excellent performance on snow and ice

    Diameter: 14" to 18"

    Starting at CA$100.97

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  7. Toyo Tires
    Toyo Tires OBSERVE GSI-6 HP
    • Technologicaly advanced for improved performance
    • Great handling and driving comfort

    Diameter: 16" to 19"

    Starting at CA$166.72

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We hope that this selection will be helpful in your choice. Please note that all the models are available for purchase on our website.

If you have any questions about the models displayed or if you need assistance in completing your order, feel free to contact our Customer Service department. One of our specialists will get back to you as soon as possible.

Have a safe Winter 2020-2021 with PMCtire!