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UTQG Ratings

Universal Tire Quality Guide (U.T.Q.G)

The UTQG ratings are based on three specific criterias, stating the classification of a tire. The data is collected by conducting various tests on a closed circuit.

Tread Wear

The first feature evaluated by the UTQG is the life expectency of a tire (how fast is it wears). This characteristic is tested on 9600 kilometers circuit, in controlled conditions. 100 is the reference value, so if a tire has a tread wear of 50, it will wear twice as fast as the refenrence tire, whereas a tread wear of 600 means that the tire will last six times more. The higher the number, the longer the life of a tire.


The traction indicator represents how a tire will perform on wet surfaces. It is determined by the letters AA (best indicator), A, B and C (lowest score possible).


The temperature index defines the extent to which heat is created or dissipated by a tire. This index is the result of tests in laboratory as well as road tests.

An over heated tire can provoke the degradation in an irregular way. The index is rated by the letters A (best index) B and C (minimum required by the law).

N.B. : UTQG is a useful tool to compare tires of the SAME BRAND. Michelin and Bridgestone tires (for example) cannot be compared using the UTQG ratings.