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Sidewall Markings

Markings on the Tire Sidewall

It's not always easy to understand every inscription and sign when looking at a tire sidewall. While shopping for your new tires, you may need some information in order to make the proper selection. Therefore, the PMCtire team offers a guide containing some of the most important codes on tire.

How to read a tire

Tire Features

  1. Tire Type (LT) The first letters listed on the sidewall the type of vehicle on which the tire will fit properly. Here are the possibilities : light trucks (LT), tourisms cars (P), spare tires (T) and tires of special trailers (ST).
  2. Width (255) Expressed in millimeters, this number corresponds to the thickness (width) of the tire.
  3. Height / Width Ratio (40%) This percentage is the ratio of the height of the sidewall and the tire width, or the thickness of the sidewall, by the percentage of the width. The higher the ratio (percentage), the higher the tire sidewall, bringing more comfort on the road.
  4. Construction (R) This letter informs you of the internal construction of the tire. In general, a tire has a radial type of construction (R), that is to say that the textile cords of the carcass completely cover the tire. Other types of construction exist, diagonal (D), for example, or belted (B). The letters "ZR" before the diameter of the wheel do not indicate a construction type, but a speed rating, as explained below. Tires with a speed rating "W" (270 km / h) or Y (300+ km / h) are considered "ZR".
  5. Wheel Diameter (17) This measurement in inches indicates the wheel diameter the tire is designed for.
  6. Overload (XL) The inscription XL after the diameter of the tire means a reinforced tire with a higher load capacity than a standard tire of the same size.
  7. Load Index This value refers to the maximum weight the tires can carry, considering that they have adequate pressure. You find that real weight in the load table index.
  8. Speed ​​Rating (W) This letter refers to the maximum safe speed (in terms of characteristic of the tire, not in the meaning of the law) a tire can support. You can refer to the speed ratings of this charter. It varies between 120km/h and 300km/h).
  9. Symbol M and S (M+S) A tire with the letters "M" and "S" indicates a confident drive in the mud and snow as it meets the requirements of the Rubber Manufacturers Association.
  10. European Homologation (E11) This feature certifies that the tire complies with European government standards (reinforced).
  11. Reinforced Tire "RF" on the sidewall of the tire indicates that it was strengthened to withstand a higher load.

Transport Ministry Security Code

  1. Security Code (Department of transportation or DOT) The DOT mention on tires ensure compliance with the safety standards of the Department of the US transportation.
  2. Date of Manufacture (05 11) In this code, the last four digits correspond to the date of fabrication of tires (the week (05) and the year (11)).

    Comment lire le DOT

  3. UTQG This section presents the uniform classification of quality of the tire. The UTQG rating (Universal Tire Quality Guide) is based on three criteria that the wear of the tread, traction and temperature. For more information, see technical data sheet.

Here is a list of important elements:

Signs and markings
C (LRC) 6 ply reinforced tire
D (LRD) 8 ply reinforced tire
E (LRE) 10 ply reinforced tire
PR Ply Rating: Equivalence of the number of plies without necessarily contain a number of plies. Tire reinforced with stronger materials
A/T All-Terrain tires
C Marking for utilitary/truck vehicle
Conti-Seal / Seal Self-selling standard production tires
DA Tires with Aspect Failure, second choice with the same manufacturer warranties
DEMO New tires and still guaranteed, but have been mounted and dismounted (which may have rolled a few km)
DOT Week and year of manufacture: 4910 (49th week of 2010)
DSST Dunlop Self-Supporting Technology run-flat tires-: tires with run-flat technology, Dunlop
DT Different Tread Design
DT1 New version of the tire profile
EMT Goodyear Extended Mobility tire: tire with run-flat technology, from Goodyear
FP Tires with alloy wheel protection flange
FR / FSL Tires with rim protection flange
G1 Outside diameter where the width of the tread differs from the same tire without G1 marking. We recommend to fit 4 G1 tires if the vehicle is 4WD
HRS Hankook Runflat System: runflat technology, from Hankook
PBA / V1 New tread compound with better performance and economy
LT Light Truck - Truck Tires
MEDIUM Medium compound
MFS Max flange Shield: tires with rim protection flange (protects the tire from shocks against pavements)
M+S Mud and Snow: performance tire in the mudd
M/T Mud / Terrain: efficient tire in muddy and uneven land
NCS Noise Control System
NHS (Not for Highway Service) unapproved tires for road use
Pax Technology that allows you to continue driving safely for 200 km at 80 km / h in case of pressure loss, by Michelin
RPB Rim Protection Bar: Rim flange Protection
RFT / RunFlat Runflat technology which allows the tire to continue driving for 80 km at a maximum speed of 80 km/h in case of total or partial loss of pressure
ROF Run on flat Tyres with run-flat technology, from Goodyear
S1 / S2 Tires meeting new noise standards
Spike Studded tires
SSR Self-Supporting Run-flat Tyre or tire load flanks. The runflat system allows to drive ride 80 km at a maximum speed of 80 km / h. Any vehicle with SSR tires must be fitted with a pressure monitoring system
STUDDABLE Tires studdable. These tires must be used by. 4 Studded tires are subject to departmental regulations
TT Tubetype, tires with inner tubes
XL Extra Load: tires with reinforced carcass for a load index higher than the standard
ZP Run-Flat technology, by Michelin
BL Black Label: black lettering on the sidewall
BS Black Stylized
BSW Black Sidewall
OBL Outlined Black Letters
OWL / WL Off White Letters / White Letters
OWT Outlined white letters
RB Black lettering surrounded by white on the sidewall
RBL Raised or Recessed black letters
RBT Raised black letters Tubless
RGL Raised Gold Letters
RWL Raised white Letters
SB Serrated Black Stripe
SBL Serrated Black Letters
VSB Vertical serrated Band
NW / WW / WWW White sidewall
* BMW approved tires
1Z / 2Z / BZ / FZ / HZ / NZ / OZ / JGC / VZ / WZ / XZ / YZ Bridgestone original equipment tire mounts
A Renault Espace IV 18” approved tires
A2A / AM6 / AM8 AML / AMR / AMS / AMX Aston Martin approved tires
AM9 Approval for Aston Martin: DB9 Volante VA V8
AO Audi Original equipment
AU Audi approved tires
AR Alfa Romeo
ARR Alfa Romeo Racing
AZ Alfa Romeo / Fiat / Subaru / Toyota approved tires
B - B1 Bentley approved tires
C1 Chrysler Viper approved tires
CZ - GZ Subaru approved tires
DZ Honda / Mazda / Toyota approved tires
EZ Audi / Mazda 6 approved tires
FO Ford approved tires
G Tires recommended for Volkswagen Golf
HO Honda
J - JRS Jaguar approved tires
JZ Seat / Subaru approved tires
K1 / K2 Ferrari approved tires
KZ Nissan / Toyota approved tires
RSO Land Rover
LZ Lancia approved tires
MC1 McLaren
MGT Maserati
MO Mercedes Original equipment
MO1 Mercedes approved :SL65 AMG
MOExtended MercedesExtended: Marking RunFlat tire for Mercedes
MZ Special homologation tires for Mitsubishi / Toyota
NO / N1 / N2 / N3 / N4 / N5 / N6> Porsche approved tires. The digital scale tires reflect either enhancements over the previous generation of the same tire equipment
OE Original tire homolagation on some vehicles
PE Tires approved by Peugeot
PZ Ford / Mazda / Mercedes / VW approved tires
QZ Mini approved tires
R01 / R02 Specific constructor marking for certain models of the Audi brand (Quattro / RS4 / RS6 / R8)
SZ Mazda MPV approved tires
TO Toyota
TZ Mazda 6 approved tires
UZ BMW 3 / Skoda approved tires
VO Volkswagen approved tires
VW Volkswagen