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Installation & Maintenance

To limit the risk of wear on the tires and wheels, it is important to follow proper maintenance, an appropriate installation and proper storage. In this regard, we offer some tips to maximize the life of your tires and wheels.


To reduce irregular wear and provide safe driving, maintenance of tires and wheels is essential. Important elements to verify consist of tire pressure and signs of wear that you can detect with a simple and effective trick that we suggest. To maximize the performance of your new tires, it is necessary to give them an adjustment period with a break-in driving. On wheels, the only maintenance required is to make sure the wheels are aligned correctly for a stable driving.

Have you ever had a damaged tires wondered if they are repairable? We offer you a topic to give tracks on the extent of damage and tell you how your tires are repairable and how to perform these repairs. We also offer advice about problems of vibration, noisy tires and guide you in choosing the best time to change your tires since their lifespan is very variable.

Installation and storage

Installation and storage of tires and wheels are important aspects in maintaining their life and may have adverse effects if they are not done correctly. When installing, the balancing and alignment of your tires are essential and must be done correctly. In addition, every 10 000 km, you must make a permutation (rotation) of your tires. When installing your tires, follow our directions not to mix your tires.

Warning:. If you want to change tire size, make sure to respect the limitations of the law

Finally, for the storage of your tires and wheels, we offer two proper ways to store your tires, whether they are mounted on wheels or not. Please note that in case of improper storage, your tires will wear prematurely.

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