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Tech Center

Our team of experts in tires and wheels offers a technical section in order to provide you with tools and information to hand to guide you in your choices. Find a variety of evaluations of the best tires on the market, all on the characteristics of the tires and wheels, the definition of charters, complementary products and other. This article is THE reference for your questions!


PMCtire experts present a classification of the best summer/4 season and winter tires. Our evaluations are defined by 10 specific characteristics, in twenty different categories and on over 600 models. Made by real experts, our evaluations are approved and recognized by car magazines. Our first concern? Suggest the best tires and advise you for the best possible purchase as needed.


To learn more about the features and characteristics of a tire, check out this section to have all the information needed to deepen your knowledge. You will find many answers to your questions. For example: the ideal time to change your winter tires. Also learn the meaning of all the symbols and lettering on a tire sidewall, plus some information on charters and norms of the characteristics of the tire.

Wheels / Rims / Mags Specifications

You have questions on wheels, rims and mags? Refer to the technical data for fast and accurate response. PMCtire presents several wheel types to help you choose the appropriate wheels that are most suited to your needs, as well as your vehicle’s ones. For details on specifications of complementary products and services such as wheel alignment, centering rings and bolts and nuts, also visit this section.

TPMS Valves

The TPMS system is defined as the tire-pressure monitoring system. It is made out of two parts, including a TPMS valve and a sensor. There are two types of valves and two sensor models. To learn more about their differences and specificities, refer to this column. We also propose a technique to facilitate synchronizing your new sensors with your vehicle, so that everything works perfectly. In fact, this system is designed to give you the exact pressure in your tires, and underinflation will be notified by the computer in your dashboard.

Installation & Maintenance

To maximize the lifetime of your tires and wheels, follow our advice on installation and maintenance. It is essential to attribute great importance to the following: wheel alignment, storage, and pressure of your tires. All this in order to reduce the failure probability, in addition to optimizing the performance of your vehicle and your tires. Further advantages will result from proper maintenance, such as security and cost savings.

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