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Nexen / WinGuard WINSPIKE SUV

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About Nexen WinGuard WINSPIKE SUV

The NEXEN WINGUARD WINSPIKE SUV represents a significant technological advancement in winter tires. Specifically designed for SUV vehicles, this tire combines performance, safety, and comfort, even in the harshest winter conditions. It features innovative characteristics for exceptional grip and durability on snow and ice.

  • V-Shape Tread Pattern: Offers improved traction on snow due to the rigidity of the tread blocks.
  • 12 Multi Random Stud Line Technology: Optimizes traction on snow and ice while minimizing stud noise.
  • Step Style Multi Sipe Design: Enhances performance on snow and ice.

V-Shape Tread Pattern
The NEXEN WINGUARD WINSPIKE SUV is equipped with a unique V-shaped tread pattern. This design significantly improves traction on snow by increasing the rigidity of the tread blocks. This results in better directional response and increased stability, even on challenging winter roads.

12 Multi Random Stud Line Technology
This innovative technology is at the heart of the WINGUARD WINSPIKE SUV's performance on ice and snow. The optimally distributed multi random stud lines provide superior grip without compromising comfort. Additionally, this arrangement reduces the noise generated by the studs, making for a more pleasant driving experience.

Step Style Multi Sipe Design
The tire incorporates a multi-sipe design in a step style, which significantly enhances performance on snow and ice. This feature increases the tire's contact surface with the road, thereby providing better grip and control in extreme winter conditions.


The NEXEN WINGUARD WINSPIKE SUV is the ideal choice for SUV drivers looking for a reliable and high-performing winter tire. With its advanced technologies, it offers exceptional safety and driving comfort, even in the most challenging conditions. Choose the WINGUARD WINSPIKE SUV for an unmatched winter driving experience.