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Maxtrek Tyres / TREK M900 ice

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TREK M900 ice


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About Maxtrek Tyres TREK M900 ice

The Maxtrek Trek 900 Ice is a studdable winter tire for passenger cars, SUVs and light trucks.

The TREK M900 Ice tire is made with a low-temperature resistant formula. Its unique symmetrical tread pattern ensures you get a winter tire with exceptional grip and control on icy roads.

Studding is available for added grip

A unique formula specifically designed for low temperatures ensures that the tire will provide maximum performance, traction, handling and control up to -30℃.

The TREK M900 Ice can be studded to ensure that the tire rolls on icy or snowy roads, providing a greater guarantee of safety for drivers and passengers alike.

Improved design and shallow risk of hydroplaning

By optimizing the sidewall design and belt structure to provide maximum contact patch, MAXTREK TYRES has improved tire load and performance. The wide contact patch of this passenger car tire also promises to keep you in control in all road conditions. The TREK M900 Ice will allow you to drive all winter with peace of mind.