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Kumho Tire / WinterCraft WP72

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Kumho Tire
WinterCraft WP72


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About Kumho Tire WinterCraft WP72

The WinterCraft WP72 from Kumho is an excellent choice for anyone looking for winter tires for passenger vehicles that offer good value for money, excellent efficiency on snow-covered roads and good traction on wet roads.

  • Drive safely in winter with WinterCraft WP72;
  • A tire that allows drivers to enjoy a safe, comfortable driving experience with lower noise levels;
  • More excellent resistance to aquaplaning and maximum lateral grip


The WinterCraft WP72 is a winter tire with an asymmetrical tread pattern designed to deliver excellent performance in all winter conditions.

The Kumho engineers have developed a rubber compound specially designed to ensure maximum grip on the coldest roads, whether icy or not.

The well-conceived design enables the WinterCraft WP72 to offer exceptional comfort and a quiet ride without compromising user safety.

The well-designed WinterCraft WP72 offers exceptional comfort and a quiet ride without compromising user safety.

The WinterCraft WP72's zigzag groove improves braking performance and vehicle safety when driving in slush.

Kumho's winter ranges are manufactured with rubbers that retain their elasticity even at low temperatures. The WinterCraft WP72 also benefits from three-dimensional tread technology that improves braking and steering performance.

Winter tires are essential for safe winter driving, providing the necessary traction on ice and snow, while the performance of 4-season tires diminishes when road temperatures drop below 7 degrees Celsius.