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Kumho Tire / WinterCraft Ice Wi31

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Kumho Tire
WinterCraft Ice Wi31


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About Kumho Tire WinterCraft Ice Wi31

Kumho's WinterCraft Ice Wi31 is a winter (studdable) tire that can handle any snowy or icy road and will meet the most demanding driving requirements of owners of light commercial vehicles, sedans, SUVs and vans.

  • Excellent handling and responsiveness;
  • Exceptional bite in snow and ice;
  • Quiet ride.

The WinterCraft Ice Wi31 is a studdable winter tire that lets you safely tackle Canada's winter roads.

Kumho engineers have designed a directional tread pattern to enhance performance on snow and included biting edges in the V-shaped formation for added grip and traction on snow.

The well-optimized V-grooves help channel water efficiently and are combined with multidirectional sipes for incredible grip and traction on ice.

Thanks to its patented block technology, the WinterCraft Ice Wi31 tire cuts through ice and snow like no other tire can while offering a quiet ride.

Its studs give WinterCraft Ice Wi31 exceptional handling and grip on icy roads.

The WinterCraft Ice Wi31 tire technologies are primarily designed to deliver a smooth, comfortable ride, essential for the comfort and safety of drivers and passengers on winter journeys.