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Four seasons
All weather

Kumho Tire / Road Venture AT52

Discover all available Kumho Tire Road Venture AT52 tires

Kumho Tire
Road Venture AT52

Four seasons
All weather

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About Kumho Tire Road Venture AT52

Designed for drivers of pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles, and jeeps, the Kumho Road Venture AT52 embodies the perfect blend of performance, ensuring mastery over rough terrains, on-road comfort, and total confidence for all-season use. Offering year-round traction in all conditions, including winter driving scenarios, the Road Venture AT52 is the ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and versatile tire.

  • All-Terrain and All-Weather Design: The Road Venture AT52 is perfect for pickups, Jeeps, and SUVs that demand a high-performance tire for off-road and winter conditions without sacrificing driving comfort.
  • Enhanced Protection and Durability: With improved sidewall patterns, this tire provides extra traction and better puncture protection, while being more resistant to cracking, tearing, and denting thanks to its optimized polymer blend.
  • Comfort and Stability: The innovative tread design of the Road Venture AT52 ensures more even wear and a quieter ride, while stiff center blocks enhance handling and maneuverability.

All-Terrain Traction Technology

The Kumho Road Venture AT52 utilizes an advanced tread design, enhancing traction on off-road surfaces and in winter conditions. This design ensures consistent performance, allowing drivers to confidently navigate varied terrains, while ensuring excellent grip on wet or snowy roads.

Enhanced Sidewall Protection

The improved sidewall patterns do more than offer a rugged aesthetic; they also contribute to superior puncture and damage protection, essential for vehicles venturing off the beaten path. These features make the Road Venture AT52 a reliable companion for the most challenging terrains.

Comfort and Durability

Kumho's commitment to quality is evident in the use of an optimized polymer blend for the Road Venture AT52, making it more resistant to adverse conditions while ensuring a comfortable and quiet ride. The stiff center blocks are designed to improve directional stability and responsiveness, offering a superior driving experience, whether for daily use or off-road adventures.