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Kumho Tire / Crugen HT51

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Kumho Tire
Crugen HT51

All weather

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About Kumho Tire Crugen HT51

Kumho's Crugen HT51 is a winter-approved 4-season tire designed for SUV, van, pickup and crossover drivers looking for durability, comfort and all-season performance, including excellent traction in light snow.

  • Equipped with the mountain symbol and a snowflake to indicate that it is approved for winter use;
  • A tire with zigzag grooves for better evacuation of water and slush;
  • All-season rubber compound

The Crugen HT51 is renowned for its all-season performance and durability. It's designed to deliver a comfortable, quiet ride while ensuring reliable traction and handling in a variety of road conditions encountered across Canada.

The tire features an optimized tread pattern with wide grooves and lateral sipes, which help evacuate water and improve grip on wet surfaces, reducing the risk of aquaplaning.

The Crugen HT51 is designed to offer a balance between tread life and all-season performance.

The engineers who designed the Crugen HT51 also reinforced its construction and sidewalls to improve stability and durability, making it suitable for carrying the heavier loads often associated with SUVs and light trucks.

It's important to note that the Crugen HT51 is primarily used for on-road driving, and its off-road capabilities may be limited compared to specialized off-road tires.

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