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Continental / VanContact A/S Ultra

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VanContact A/S Ultra

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About Continental VanContact A/S Ultra

The VanContact A/S Ultra is a unique all-season tire that offers exceptional grip on wet and dry roads, as well as in light snow.

  • Enjoy excellent durability and robustness with the VanContact A/S Ultra
  • Provides reliable grip and excellent braking on snow
  • Low rolling resistance due to the latest generation of polymers

The VanContact A/S Ultra's advanced silica compound improves grip and traction while extending tread life. The optimized tread block design and circumferential grooves of the tire help to evacuate water and slush from the contact patch, which improves wet traction and reduces the risk of hydroplaning.

Continental engineers have developed an advanced technology that ensures low rolling resistance and high mileage thanks to the latest generation of polymers.


The VanContact A/S Ultra tire was designed with durability in mind. The tire's reinforced construction and robust shoulder blocks provide excellent wear resistance, which helps to extend the life of the tire. This tire also features a reinforced sidewall that helps protect the tire from curbs and other forms of damage.


Overall, the Continental VanContact A/S Ultra is a high-quality all-season tire that offers excellent performance, durability and safety for light trucks and vans. Its advanced technology and design features make it an excellent choice for companies that need reliable, high-performance tires for their vehicles.