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Summer / 4 seasons

AMP / Terrain Pro A/T

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Terrain Pro A/T

Summer / 4 seasons

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About AMP Terrain Pro A/T

AMP's Terrain Pro A/T is a winter-rated, all-season tire with an aggressive off-road appearance explicitly designed for an off-road truck, pickup and SUV drivers.

  • It offers tread life and resistance to harsh environments
  • An aggressive off-road tire built to take your light truck, SUV or Jeep out of any rough spot
  • A wide range of sizes

Whether it's snow or wet, this aggressive off-road tire is built to take your light truck, SUV or Jeep out of any challenging situation.  

With an innovative tread compound, the Terrain Pro A/T provides effortless driving, emphasizing tread quality and durability.

The Terrain Pro A/T's tread pattern is optimized to provide maximum traction on both asphalt pavement and the soft ground encountered on off-road trips.

The Terrain Pro A/T has stepped blocks that provide better driving stability, while the tread's integrated slots ensure good grip in snow and mud-covered environments.

AMP understands that when upgrading your vehicle's tires for off-road performance, a flexible and aggressive design is needed to conquer any situation. 

This is a winter-rated tire with a mountain and snowflake symbol embossed on its sidewall for year-round use.

The Terrain Pro A/T stands out because everything from the deep tread design to the reinforced sidewalls has been meticulously crafted to ensure exceptional quality and reliability.