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Continental - SportContact 6 - 285/35R22 XL 109Y BSW
Continental - SportContact 6 - 285/35R22 XL 109Y BSW


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Continental's SportContact 6 is the ultra-high performance summer tire developed to meet the technical demands of the carmakers' top models. Marketed in North America as an original equipment tire on the Audi R8, the SportContact 6 is designed to combine responsive handling, ultimate grip and high-speed stability in wet and dry conditions.

  • A tire that guarantees better grip in all circumstances
  • Maximum stability up to 350km/h while reducing tire deformation during track driving
  • The SportContact 6 will satisfy your needs for performance and control

Like all ultra-high performance summer tires, the SportContact 6 is not designed to be maintained, stored or driven at near or below freezing temperatures, in snow or on ice.

The asymmetrical tread design features a solid outer shoulder with a closely spaced midrib for lateral stability during tight turns.

The continuous center rib provides uninterrupted contact with the road for a stable and responsive feel when cornering. Deep, circular grooves and sidewall notches effectively evacuate water below the contact patch to resist hydroplaning.

The advanced design and technologies found in the SportContact 6 will keep you safe and in total control of your vehicle, no matter what maneuvers you perform.



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