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Toyo's Proxes Sport Suv is a summer tire for performance SUVs that offer superior handling. 

  • A tire that improves handling and braking performance
  • Uniform contact pressure distribution
  • Better wet traction and low noise emission

It is designed to improve dry handling and traction without sacrificing wet safety. 

It combines improved dry and wet traction with exceptional handling and durability. 

The asymmetrical tread design improves braking and cornering performance and provides quick, responsive steering and driving stability. 

Utilizing Nano Balance technology, the Proxes Sport SUV features an all-new compound that provides grip in wet and dry conditions.

The addition of high-density sipes helps increase traction in the rain. The four wide grooves efficiently evacuate water for better traction in bad weather and reduce the risk of hydroplaning.

The Proxes Sport SUV was designed as a specialized performance sport tire.