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Pirelli's Winter 210 Sottozero Serie II gives your vehicle the grip it needs on ice and snow without compromising the performance you expect from your premium sports car. Keep enjoying your vehicle in winter!

The Winter 210 Sottozero Serie II is offered as original equipment on many sports cars sold in regions where winter weather conditions are extreme.  

The Pirelli Winter 210 Sottozero S2 is the ideal snow tire for your sports car - no need to leave your performance vehicle in your garage all winter. 

With its wide inner shoulder grooves and wide outer shoulder grooves, the Winter 210 Sottozero Serie II clears water and slush out of its path with incredible ease. 

It also packs the snow into its grooves to guarantee a snow-on-snow grip that never fails. 

At the same time, the Winter 210 Sottozero Serie II's wide shoulder blocks and stiff center rib promote precise steering response on dry winter roads.

Experience winter grip and responsive performance with a set of Pirelli Winter 210 Sottozero II tires.