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The Pirelli P Zero Winter is the latest addition to the P Zero range and is a studless tire designed for performance cars.

Ultra High-performance, impeccable handling and exceptional comfort

This new introduction to the P Zero offers high performance for the winter season while providing the same comfort as the summer line-up. Co-developed with carmakers, it provides a perfect winter fit with the same enjoyable summer experience. The P Zero Winter is available in 40 sizes, of which 30 are homologated on some of the most performing vehicles.

Outstanding all-road performance

The Pirelli P Zero Winter offers high sipes density and multidirectional grooves to maximize performance in snow conditions with a new and unique design. Thanks to two stiffer central blocks, drivers are assured a better steering response, while the longitudinal grooves make it easier to eject water on wet roads. Finally, the P Zero Winter has been designed to provide better cornering stability on dry surfaces thanks to a low sipes density and more rigid shoulder blocks.

Summer-like comfort

Just as in the P Zero range, the P Zero Winter is equipped with the Pirelli Noise Cancelling System™ (PNCS). This technology reduces the level of noise within the vehicle by using a sound absorption device applied to the inner circumferential wall of the tire, which significantly reduces noise and helps provide one of the best sound absorption characteristics of the market. With this new model, Pirelli has strived to offer a tire designed for performance cars for the winter season while keeping the same performance objective as for the summer season, and the result should please every driver.

Handling and safety comes first

The Pirelli P Zero Winter features a new tread and integrates new advanced technological solutions to adapt the tire to the specific winter road conditions to maintain its high safety and control threshold. These adjustments allow the P Zero Winter to guarantee extreme handling on dry roads, absolute steering precision on wet roads and total control for ultra-high performance on snow. Wet and dry performance has been improved with an enhanced focus on handling in all conditions, reduced hydroplaning in straights and curves and better braking. The P Zero Winter Improves overall handling performance to provide the best sporting feeling, even in winter conditions.