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Pirelli's Winter Cinturato is a premium winter tire that offers superior traction, performance and control. It is designed for owners of compact cars, family sedans, SUVs, and crossovers who want a tire that keeps them safe while driving in harsh winter conditions.

  • The Winter Cinturato offers a high level of technology for the winter season to improve maneuverability
  • Provides reliable traction without compromising your driving comfort 
  • Responsive steering control and effective braking

The Winter Cinturato is molded from a special compound to form a directional arrow-shaped tread. The siping sequence and density optimize grip for improved traction in slush, packed snow and ice. 

Winter Cinturato's grooves effectively drain water and slush to reduce the risk of hydroplaning. 

The block configuration ensures a high level of lateral stability for confident driving even at high speeds.

When it comes to studless snow and ice tires, the Pirelli Winter Cinturato is one of the best. This Pirelli tire is also an affordable option.