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Michelin - X-Ice Snow - 215/55R17 XL 98H BSW
Michelin - X-Ice Snow - 215/55R17 XL 98H BSW

 - 215/55R17



Michelin's X-Ice Snow is a winter tire designed for owners of passenger cars, crossovers, and SUVs who want a winter tire that offers performance and safety when new and for many winters.

  • A winter tire that provides excellent winter traction.
  • Provides great fuel economy.
  • Long-lasting winter tread.
  • Ultimate snow & ice confidence.

The Michelin X-Ice Snow is the new Michelin premium winter tire range. With improved performance in extreme winter conditions, braking and handling have never been safer for drivers. Offering one of the longest durability among winter tires, the Michelin X-Ice Snow offers up to an extra season against the competition. Its new structure provides greater driving comfort and improved fuel efficiency. The Michelin X-Ice Snow tires are covered by a limited 60 000 km warranty against treadwear, in addition to the normal warranty for labor and raw materials. They also meet both the 3PMSF severe snow certification and the “M+S” mud and snow certifications, and both are marked on their sidewall. The Michelin EverGrip™ technologies provide the X-Ice Snow with an innovative tread compound with a rigid polymer for enhanced grip on snow and ice throughout the wear life.

Made for the harshest winter conditions
The Michelin X-Ice Snow is one of the leading tires in performance and traction on icy and snowy roads, with a braking distance nearly 3 meters shorter than its competition. Its new-generation V-shaped tread provides optimum traction in the toughest conditions, including improved hydroplaning and slush control performance.

Flexibility for various temperatures
It features the new FLEX-ICE 2.0 tread compound and two types of full-depth 3D sipes that provide increased flexibility even in the most severe winter and temperature conditions and durable biting edges for better grip on ice and snow, as well as an improved duration of the wear life. Those features also contribute to a safer and more comfortable driving experience for drivers.

Long-lasting and fuel-efficient
The new X-Ice Snow features exceptional technologies that deliver a very high level of performance throughout the extended life of the tire and a rolling resistance reduced by up to 9 percent compared to its competitors, resulting in lower fuel consumption, lower carbon emissions, and fuel savings.

Supported by the Michelin Promise Plan of a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, roadside assistance, and a limited warranty of 60,000 kilometers. Click here for details.