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Unlock the potential of your sports car with the MICHELIN Pilot Sport S 5 tire, co-designed with car manufacturers to deliver precise handling and impressive grip on both road and track. Redefine high performance with this summer tire designed for both road and track, specifically tailored to meet the demands of the most demanding sports car manufacturers.

  • Razor-Sharp Handling: Enjoy assertive control with Dynamic Response Technology, enabling ultra-responsive handling.
  • Remarkable Wet and Dry Grip: Experience exceptional grip on both dry and wet roads with the Dual Sport Tread Design and Bi-Compound Technology.
  • Tailor-Made Design: Discover unparalleled high performance, with a custom design to equip prestigious sports car manufacturers.

Razor-Sharp Handling for Assertive Control

The MICHELIN Pilot Sport S 5 tire, with its dynamic response technology, offers precise and responsive handling. Its hybrid aramid and nylon belt faithfully transmits your commands to the road, giving you total control and a high-performance experience.

Remarkable Wet and Dry Grip

This tire excels in all conditions thanks to its Dual Sport Tread Design and Bi-Compound Technology. The large tread blocks ensure maximum grip, while the wide longitudinal grooves improve traction on wet roads.

Tailor-Made Design for Sports Car Manufacturers

The MICHELIN Pilot Sport S 5 is specifically designed to meet the requirements of renowned sports car manufacturers such as Corvette, Ferrari, Lucid, Mercedes-AMG, Porsche, and Tesla. This summer tire for both road and track redefines super-sportive performance, offering an unparalleled driving experience.